What plane can fly direct from WSSS --> MMMX

Hi IFC I was trying to find some info if any plane can fly from Singapore to Mexico City? I was hoping to not use the A350 as I use it a lot. Also is it me or does the internet not have any good answer for questions you/me ask?


You can use

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I think the 787 fleet can make it their

The 787-8 has a pretty far range. If you go into solo and put max fuel and look at the amount of hours and compare it to the flight time, that should be your winning factor.


thanks for the clarifying info

Definitely use the A380. At least in IF, that thing can fly a long way if you take no passengers and take full fuel.

what about the 747-8?

Nah its old plane

Be less specific. Look up the range of certain aircraft instead of asking google what aircraft can fly from WSSS to MMMX.

I’m assuming you’ll be doing this on ES given the schedule so you should also have a decent tailwind on your flight.

Mexico’s altitude might be a bit high but for IF I think it’s manageable.

@PocketRishi any idea how long the flight will be? internet will only say it what it is with stops and I’m pretty sure it won’t take like 40hrs

Roughly 17-19 hours.

got it thanks for the help

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No worries! Post some pics if you manage to finish this flight.

also if u want todo it with me u can

ill make a thread

I wish but it’s a bit too long for me. Maybe next time.

ight next time

The 787-8 should be able to make it, or the 772, the a380, or the 773

got it thanks