What Plane and ATC Apps/Charts/Websites Do You Use To Help With IF?

Poll is for apps only. Comment below for the websites and/or charts you use.

  • ATC4Real
  • Unmatched Air Traffic Control
  • Other

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airports is good. i use it both for IF and FSX

What’s that?


It is an app used on IOS and Android. Its great

I use flightaware or jeppesen for charts

Yeah, they have the best airport diagrams

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ATC for real and VATSIM

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If I can find the airport approach charts, I’m perfectly fine then.

SimPlatesX has every chart I’ve ever wanted. It works offline and has excellent memory usage, so you only download what you want when you want it.

I use kiltmchaggis.com, charts, Google Maps and Infinite Tracker.

Expensive though!
€ 6,99 for Android and iOS.

I use Infinite Tracker

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Navigraph is excellent. Around EUR 60 per year but based on the Lufthansa LIDO charts and full worldwide coverage. Also supported with an Ipad app and updated several times a year.

Infinite Pilots of course :)


I happened to get it when it was free for a few days, after that I knew the price so I’m happy i got it when I did though. It is still a great app,

I use @Kilt_McHaggis website.

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I use Foreflight and www.skyvector.com

My intention is to provide details/docs which are IF specific. Please let me know if there are any charts which you would like added.