What piece of aviation technology is your favorite?

The title says it all.
Which aviation engineering marvel are you the biggest fan of and why?

I’ll start: My favorite engineering marvel is the SR-71’s engine. The P&W J58 engine is so thoroughly refined for its time, even today, that it’s near unbelievable. Built for high altitudes and speeds, Lockheed and Skunkworks incorporated so many neat features such as the inlet cone which retracts into the cowling at high speeds, thus slowing the intake of air to below Mach, preventing a compressor stall. Additionally, the engine was designed to be most efficient at full afterburner, bypassing air around the compressor, directly into the exhaust, providing serious thrust.

There’s so many more cool features that I recommend you check out, but I’m curious of your favorites!
What feature is it? What aircraft is it on? What does it do? Comment below :)

The 777-3 left middle landing gear


What do you like about it?

Definitely the 757s window

What’s cool about it?

  1. Not IF related.
  2. Megasuperduper long single answer question based thread. Like people can literally answer ANY piece of anything on an aircraft that contains millions different things.