What phrase is used to cancel approach intentions and divert to alternate?

Question is in the title, assuming i am performing an approach to a controlled airport.

Example: At destination there is a lot more traffic than expected and the fuel will most likely not be sufficient to wait that long.
Before messing everything up with a mayday call i would rather divert to a nearby airport.
What phrase is officially used to cancel approach intention and resume own navigation?

You can ask for radar vectors to the airport you wish to divert to

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I would recommend declaring a fuel emergency where the controller will most probably tell you to divert and the controller is aware of what’s going on.

If you don’t want to do that, you can request VFR flight following to the airport you want to divert to.

If you were already cleared for your approach, you can announce a missed approach then ask for the flight following.

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If you’re already cleared for an approach, I’d recommend you try to land. Because you’re usually only cleared when you’re around 10-15nm away, and it’s gonna be a lot of unnecessary work for the radar controller if they clear you and then you decided to nope out at that point.

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Thank You very much for your answer!
I was really missing a “cancel approach intentions”-Button.
My intention is indeed to divert before getting close to the mayday so in high traffic surroundings i do not cause them more work than neccessary. Of course when it is a mayday, it is a mayday and i will declare :)…

Of course, when i am very close in i will continue.
My scenario is more the “number 30 for landing, enjoy your time in the transitions” :D

In that case just request a flight following and the controller will understand that you want to cancel your intention to perform the approach.

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Yeah if you’re at the back of the pack way far out, feel free to go elsewhere if you wanna save the controller some trouble, just in case. Just state your intentions via an RV or VFR/FF request.

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Thanks for the clarification :)

Well, you can’t really declare a “mayday” in Infinite Flight. At least not in the typical sense. You can declare a fuel emergency, but you have to have been flying for at least an hour before low fuel alert will become available.

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