What parameters in IF determine an aircraft crash?

When does a plane crash in IF? (it seems like a stupid question, but wait!)
How does the system elaborate a crash? Are there some conditions? Or it is just: if you touch the ground with a part of the plane that is not the gear you die? Let me know


No, i have done successful belly landings.but i would like to know what qualifies as a crash.nice question🙂


I think it has to do with the force that it hits the ground with. I did belly landings too, but it has to be a very soft touchdown.


Let’s wait till staff respond


I also agree with @Infinite_Flight_Sims if you think about it you could crash the plane by landing on the gear extremely hard.


The game crashes you depending on the impact of which you hit the ground. Now, it’s designed to not auto-crash you if you’re using your gear, otherwise every Ryanair landing would end up in a crash. You can belly land, but you have to have an extremely low FPM.

Also, I’ve done “landings” where I’ve stalled the plane, landed on a wingtip, and proceeded to get shaken up violently by the ground.

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I think this is a good question! 👍🏼
Would be interested to hear the answer from one of the developers. It may be a very complex answer though, or it may even be classified info…

Perhaps change your title to something like ‘What parameters in IF determine an aircraft crash’, as this is really what you’re looking for, right?


It would be interesting to hear a developer’s prospective on this topic, I would assume that there would be something in the game engine that determines a “crash”.

You hit the ground hard

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Very complex

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