What ofp format do you guys use

I have used lido for like forever and sometimes I switch it up and use DAL or AAL. it depends. What do you guys use. And if you know what do regional airlines like Republic and Skywest use.

I always use LIDO. Its the format I’m most familiar with.

i’ve always used LIDO

Always used LIDO, I tried some others awhile ago but didn’t really like using em.

I’ve been using DAL for the past 3 years, but I’m trying to wean off it, and switch to UAL as the formatting on that is better.

But generally the Delta OFP works well

Depends on the airline. If it’s an airline that doesn’t have a OFP format, I just use LIDO, but I mostly fly AAL for AAVA so I mostly use AAL. 🙂

easyJet is really easy to use

But my default is lido

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