What not to do during landing

I wanted some cool landing shots and so forth, it didn’t really end well. I went into the bottom camera in so I can get a cool shot of the runway before I touched down but I was a tad bit too fast.

It…may of ended up in me spinning off the runway and on to the grass. Luckily it was an uncontrolled airport. My advise: ”Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” and then screenshotiate.


In the future you could always land then go to you’re replays and take some landing shots there so you don’t crash. Also it’ll be in higher quality than taking screenshots from you’re device.


I’ll try that once I get out of prison from landing at a AFB


Maybe this should be in #screenshots-and-videos ? (If I’m correct 😀)

212 knts is way too fast for landing 😬 I suggest you watch landing tutorials on infinite flights YouTube and I can help you if you’d like!

Are you trying to get help or are you trying to show us this?

I’m just sharing, I wasn’tpaying attention to my airspeed until it was too late. I had to commit.

I saw the guidelines for the screenshots tag and I got scurred. So, I put it here.

Um that’s not how it works…
Nice landing by the way

“You can always go around, If it don’t look right coming down”
-Ken Dravis

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