What New Plane/Livery Are You Most Excited for in 2017?

Cathay a350, have not seen a 350 yet.

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S7 Airbus 320 neo
A350, 787 - Aeroflot

Qantas 787 for sure! And the Virgin Australia 737MAX. And maybe even a Jetstar Airbus A320neo?


No, Southwest is the launch customer

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Because they are legends and iconic in aviation and still alive
and kicking!!

This topic is for New aircraft comming out in 2017.
Not aircraft that will be added to Infinite Flight in 2017.
This is the topic I made for that:-)


You are absolutly right!
But Concorde…😉

That too 😛

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2 A350s already! CI and CX. Possibly HX as well.

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CI is? Isn’t that a rumour or is it confirmed?

Yep, they’re switching from 744. They were actually supposed to be the first carrier to fly the A350 to YVR until CX announced A350 service for March. BR is switching to 77W around the same time. HX is eyeing YVR as their first North American destination.

So Cathay, China Airlines are bringing their A359, and Eva is switching to 77W, and Hong Kong Air is eyeing Vancouver? Readback correct? 😂

Cathay is starting a new A350 service on the 28th of March, China Airlines is changing their aircraft from a 744 in the winter and a A343 in the summer to a year round A350 service. Hong Kong Airlines is rumoured to start HKG-YVR service but this is not confirmed with no details whats so ever

Ok, and the EVA 77W?

I have not heard anything about that but I will look into it now actually

Eva used to fly 777’s 4 times a week back in 2014 but so far there is nothing new. Unless they are retiring their 747’s or plan on going daily then I don’t think we will the the 777 coming back to Vancouver with Eva Air.

If you look at this photo, there is proof that it is old :(

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That KLM MD-11 in the bottom left right?


you guessed it.

It’s impossible to not notice, the aircraft is too beautiful

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If you did any research on the aircraft reg. You would notice that it looks like this now

Just Sayin :)