What New Phone Should i get

Hi guy it’s me again in spit of my device not being compatible with infinite flights {Android A21}

What new phone that is reasonably priced should i plan on getting my plan i want to get one with a good performance on pretty high to decant graphics setting and has a decent storage.

Any recommendations?

iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Get an iPhone

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What everyone else said:)

Nothing Phone 1
Google Pixel 7 Pro 7 or 6A
I find that these are good
*higher OnePlus models will be better

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iPhone 14 Pro Max


Are the phones y’all recommending even at “reasonable” price i heard iPhones exceptionally the new ones are really expensive.

well, what is your definition of reasonable?

100 too like 950…

You should be able to get an iPhone 11 or 12 from a third party retailer for that price.

The device I fly on is an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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I’ll sell you my iPhone 12

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A functional one

yeah i know, i’m a genius

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If you want to know how devices perform in IF, have a look here:

I’d say either the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. The way that Apple blends the UI with the handset is amazing. The dynamic island itself isn’t anything revolutionary but the way it’s integrated into the software makes it something really special.

you could get a used 12/13 pro for 950

I’d honestly say get a tablet. Bigger screen, better power and graphics (usually). Downside is that tablets can be more expensive.

Edit: Take a look here to have an idea on what device’s work well (not sure how up to date it is): Device Compatibility Thread 22.3 - Built By Us For You! - #3 by Kirito_77

Yeah, ipads / tablets are honestly superior, as you can actually see what your doing and do more precise movements

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