What New Aircraft do You Want?

Who is in for A320 Neo and A330 Neo ? :)


When comes the new update???

Anyone up for a DHC-6 imagine how good would that look in the Caribbean. But in all honestly we need better geography for example compare real st Bart’s to IF st Bart’s the hills are terrible oceans have dips and hills in them it’s a mess we need better geography


Airbus A400

Boeing 797


we need more different aircrafts please :)

Definitely the Douglas DC3 / C47. Have flewn it a few times, and it truly is the queen of the skies.

<img src=""https://goo.gl/photos/YqacZaadWBJRqs7P8">

I’d like to see the Embraer ERJ-135/145.


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They should prioritise concorde in time for Global Flight. However, it seems that people want to see the 787 updated before that. :-(

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I do not know why they do not have that livery already?

Gulfstream G280, Learjet 35 with tip tanks, Piaggio Avanti,

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Definitely concorde

Would this not be a feature request?

How about Dash-7s. Or maybe more ga aircraft like B200s, Malibu’s, comanches. Stuff like that

I would like to see the DC-10, the constellation, L-1011 tristar, and the Boeing 707.

Really hope they rework the a330 and 340


I would want B737-MAX

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Airbus a330-200 Hawaiian airlines


I think now that next update is Global Flight and the next of GF is A330-200