What motivates you to keep flying?

I see many pilots in the skies of infinite flight with thousands of hours flown

My question is, what keeps you motivated to keep flying on infinite flight.

So what do you do to keep motivated ?, leave some ideas below 👇


The community. This community made me realize to keep striving and doing what you love. I love exploring as well so flying around the globe helps me find amazing places I most likely won’t see in my lifetime. Flying as we speak.


I’m honestly not really motivated to fly in IF anymore. I’m just on there now for UVAL.


It’s a combination of passion, seeing new places, dreaming of doing this once IRL too, the joy of flying a great landing manually, and so much more for me!


I want to be a pilot as a career. It’s my favorite thing. Currently descending into KDEN as I’m typing this.


Being apart of a va keeps me flying and interested.


Quarantine keeps my flying. Lol😂


true, I may have flown 250 hours in record time for me due to quarantine


Yes I’m in a VA too, it definitely keeps you flying :)

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The community for infinite flight is really something special, haven’t seen a community like this for anything else !

Enjoy your flight, I’m currently copying a random Qatar cargo flight 😂😂, it’s a very odd route

Well, tbh, I need no motivation.

You know that feeling when you see that really really cute girl every day at school, and you basically can’t stop smiling or staring at her or wanting to talk to her, interact with her, etc.? Aviation is like that.

Aviation is my life. I am in love with aviation. I need no “motivation”. I just do it because I love it. Infinite Flight only feeds and fans the flame that is my love for aviation. It’s my way of expressing how much I just love flying.

Aviation is always there. I speak from experience when I say that, when it seems the world is against you, aviation is there. When they’ve forgotten you, or left you behind, aviation has your back. Just fly. Take flight, and leave your problems on the ground. Let them be gone, like the wind that passes over your wings as you lift into the sunset.

See the mountains, see the cities, and the lights. Take in the beauty. Soar.

So, when you ask me, “What motivates you to fly?”, I’ll give you a similar answer every time.

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Ok well that was very descriptive.


Wow, you really enjoy this. I can only support this passion of yours. Keep flying and fuelling that passion!

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Not to mention, I want to be a pilot for Alaska, so that keeps me practicing procedures and stuff.

It really comes down to what I said above though.

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I have no motivation.

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My motivation. The future.

I dream to become a pilot when I become older, and it starts now. I stop at nothing to fly, practice, and learn. I love the skies and want to make a career out of it. I want this to become my life, so I put in the work now.

That’s what motivates me to fly. Big dreams, goals, and a love for aviation.


The amazing feeling of a takeoff and approaching an airport and going through all the checklists.


The Coronavirus. I’ve been stuck at home and have a ton of time to fill


Probably the final moments before touchdown. It’s like how would you say? A feeling of concentration trying keeping the aircraft to the centerline of the runway. And then when you touchdown, the rush of joy (is that the word? Maybe 😂😂😂) as all that concentration just lifts. And you always learn from your landing. No matter how good or bad it was, you can always look back over it and ask yourself. What could I have done differently? What could have made that even better? Because there’s no such thing as perfection, same with takeoff too. Just not as good exciting 😂😂😂 I like the learning part of it. I’m not a huge aviation enthusiast, I’m constantly learning things from what I did wrong and stuff. And I want to improve.