What motivates you to do more and more as an your journey to becoming a pilot

This is a question I often ask myself. What motivates me to keep flying and flying. My answer, The feeling of flying the way you feel the g’s the wind and everything that makes flying flying. When I first went up in an airplane and I got to fly, let’s just say it was probably the best experience in my entire life. I loved it the way you can feel the plane turn from side to side. This keeps me going everyday because one day if I keep working hard enough I can feel I for a lifetime. What motivates you.


Nothing. I have zero motivation. I just fly because it’s something i enjoy, i don’t meed motivation to do something i love😜


Flying’s my passion. I would do it every day until the end of time (unfortunately the FAA wouldn’t let that happen).

And what @Alphadog4646 said


Exactly I can relate! I keep trying to think why I do all of this aviation stuff and cant find an answer. It’s just that I love it that much I guess I dont need motivation! Well said.

I can relate to this aswell

It’s in my family. My Uncle is an Ex-Marine worked in CH-53Es, my grandfather was an F4 pilot, my other uncle flies business jets for private owners, my aunt is an ATC in New York, my grandmother was a nurse on the helicopter for the New Orleans Children’s hospital, my 1st cousin that recently passed away was on his way to West Point and wanted to be an Army Blackhawk pilot, and my mom used to be a Stewardess for Delta. It’s in my family. I think my great-grandfather x3/x4 flew for France during WWI. I grew up around aviation. It shaped my dreams.


Also, my friends that are in Civil Air Patrol, as well as my own experiences in CAP (check my profile) helped a lot too.

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Well, let me start off by saying that becoming a pilot is not my career goal. For me, I would prefer to work at managing an airline, a lifelong dream for me.
So, there are 2 main things that really motivate me.
The first thing is aviation in general. I love everything having to do with airplanes. I was bitten by the aviation bug, and I cannot be cured. I’m in for life.
The second thing that motivates me is traveling. I love exploring the world, and seeing new places that I have not seen before. I definitely have a bad case of wanderlust.

So, I hope to get a career in aviation, as this would allow me to flourish in my hopeful endeavors.


My passions my friend

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each flight i successfully complete, each milestone successfully reached, each person i help on the community, each simulator i master… every time i take a step deeper into the beautiful world of aviation, it constantly beckons me deeper still. i know that with every minute i spend immersing myself in my passion, i’m inching closer and closer to my dream of pursuing a career in aviation.

that’s what motivates me.

My school doesn’t offer Physics as a subject. I get private physics classes because I know it will help on the journey:)

Just thinking of the planes I’ll get to fly.

My journey hasn’t really begun, and I’m still deciding if I want to become an airline pilot or work on the business side of the industry (at an airport or airline).

A few years ago, I went through some pretty rough mental health issues. I’m way better now, practically a different person, but in order to go the airline pilot route I need a first class medical, and my old medical issues are going to make it really difficult to get one, or not be able to get one at all. This is my passion, and I’m always worried if some old medical issues are going to get in the way of my love of flying aircraft.

It’s hard. I go to Embry-Riddle (majoring in aviation business) and I get so jealous of all the flight majors who are already flying, going to become airline pilots, and had no issues with medicals. It’s hard to stay motivated knowing they had it easy, and I’m going to have to navigate a complex FAA maze to even just try to get a medical.

However, I always think about how much I love commercial aviation, how much I know about it, and how much I love it, and that feeling of joy when I think about these things keeps me motivated. Hopefully, I can get my medical soon and chase my dream of sitting in a cockpit for a living. If not, I’ll chase my dream of working in the industry and using my knowledge to benefit others. My love of all things aviation keeps me motivated, so hopefully my dream can come true one day.


Well I want to travel? So what better way being a pilot a exploring the world!

God didn’t make you to be on a chair all day

That what keeps me seeking to be a pilot! :)

Just passion

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Overall for me, its just a real passion. Simple, I just have a love for Aviation that I really cant explain. I just love to fly and explore the world, and learn all of the things for flying!

i mean technically if you’re flying a plane you’re in a chair

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