What motivated you to join IFATC?

Hey there IFATC team, I’ve honestly been thinking for quite some time about joining IFATC, summer’s coming up, and I have lots of time to study for it, but in the meantime, I do have one question that would give me so much insight on why IFATC might the right thing for me.

So, without further-a-do,

What motivated you to join IFATC?


Controlling on Training Server and realising that there are too many trolls…


It’s a decision you won’t regret. Being part of IFATC is a great opportunity to meet new community members and to learn new useful and important information regarding IF.

It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth the effort.

Not having to deal with TS pilots


Being able to ghost others back when that was a thing


Something different.

I like controlling more than flying. It’s not as boring

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Becoming more involved in the community and IF. Also wanted to make more friends that have a similar passion as myself!

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Story time…

It all started when I spawned in at Nice (LFMN) when it was busy on Expert. I’d never been on expert prior to this so it was completely new to me. I was automatically tuned to the ATIS frequency and I was so fascinated! There was so much information there so I had to investigate.

I’d then found out the forum and from there I just took in all the information I could get. I then found the IFATC Recruiting topic on the schedule and I was hooked! I trained and eventually joined the team. I’ve always been pro-active and happy to take in all the feedback & information I can have.

What my favourite part of the IFATC team is the completely different perspective from being a pilot. Most pilots don’t realise how much work goes on to ensure your service is efficient as possible. It’s crazy! Also, the friends I’ve made there are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them! As a controller with 100% activity, the thing that motivates me the most is the people around me, for sure. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I’ve learnt many things from being in IFATC, it really helps you as a pilot! I’ve also been able to help many others with the knowledge I’ve gained over time. It’s amazing!



Hello! I am not an IFATC officer, but here is why I would be motivated to join. I would like to join because I can be free to stick to the expert server, and also feel a little more experienced.

I’ve had a friend telling me to join the group. Now, it’s not so easy to get me into a structure. How did he manage?

He told me that it was a group with permanent mutual assistance. Always anyone to help, to give you tips, advices. Good atmosphere.
He was right.

I knew I would love to vector an aircraft, ensure a quality service to a bunch of pilots.

I do. I’d never regret having joined this group. It is really an excellent experience to have.


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Currently in the practical stage, but what motivated me to join was what IFATC controllers go through. I felt obliged to give back to IF’s pilots and IFATC when they fly.

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For about 2 years before I became IFATC, I thought about joining the team on and off. I would control once a month and every time I was faced with not the best pilots. One day I controlled a busy SFO on TS where all of a sudden, I realized I was doing a good job with traffic but traffic didn’t want to listen. This was right at the start of COVID and so I figured why not give it a go.

Well, 364 days later here we are (Yes, my one year anniversary is tomorrow). I’ve had a blast meeting people, talking to people from all over the world with different passions, and lastly teach the team what I know and have learned so far.


Thank you guys so much for responding, here’s another question I had in mind.

Is it difficult to keep up with IFATC? As in, are there like monthly check-ups on activity/whether you know your stuff, etc?

Well, you have to control at least once every 30 days.
But that ain’t so much

I loved doing ATC at the TS, but obviously there are some trolls or people that doesn’t follow instructions. So to have a more serious session I wanted to join IFATC :)

Also thanks to IFATC I involved more into the community, wich is a very great place to discuss about things, help people and have fun!

  • Having pilots that will actually listen to you
  • An environment that’s actually CONTROLLED, not chaotic
  • Literally the most amazing people and amazing community I’ve ever been apart of
  • The best trainers & recruiters & supervisors who will help you along the way and give you pointers
  • The ability to be in a professional environment, with actual rules to follow
  • The amazing people you will meet. I’ve been here for a month and I’ve made so many friends.

I HIGHLY recommend you join. I put it off for two years. Changing my mind was the best decision I made in my 6+ years here.

Everyone keeps forgetting to mention that the pay is incredible, too!

I am soon applying to be irl ATC so I rejoined to get my skills refreshed

Because some Training Server’s pilot always not follow the instructions. Furthermore, in Training server, the traffic is always be very quiet