What model airplane size should I get ?

Hello IFC, I am looking forward to buy some model planes to do a small airport with them, what size is good to buy ? 1/200, 1/400 or 1/500 ? Also, I live in the UAE, so if anyone knows any places or websites that ship to UAE, it would be very helpful. Thank you.

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My airport is 1 400 because they are not too big and brands like Gemini Jets are never short of stock.
1 500 is good but less common and therefore more expensive (not entirely sure though)


I like 1/200 because I think everything else gets to be way too small especially when you get down to anything smaller than a 757


1/1 models are nice…

Jokes aside, that depends on Your airport and how much detail You want. The more detail, the lower the denominator.

Search online, there are great companies and great deals out there.


1/400, probably the most common. 1/200 is nice but too expensive and you are going to have to do a lot of DIY whereas 1/400 has pre-built terminals etc.

I recommend 1/200 or bigger!

I have around 20 Gemini Jets. All are at a scale of 1:400. If you like small but detailed aircraft, then I would recommend the 1:400 scale. If you have blurry vision then I would recommend a 1:200-. (1:300 is ok with minor vision problems, unless you have serious eyesight issues, I would not recommend it.) In my opinion, the 1:500+ model scales are too small. :)

If you’ve got lots of money, or just are thinking of doing this seriously and love to look at detail, go 1:200. If you don’t have too much money to spend or want more models and just want to look at them, not admire the details or livery, then do 1:400. I am not sure about 1:500, but I know it’s quite hard to find, and there probably won’t be as much availability, since it’s not as popular.

My preference:
I have 1:200 and 1:400, and have to say, 1:200 is better. While you won’t get as many aircraft as with 1:400, the detail and size is amazing. As long as you go with a good brand, you get tons of quality. As it goes, quality over quantity. Also, if you go to a traditional hobby store, you can haggle quite a bit. I’m a good haggler and I’ve gotten a $150 model for $120.
That’s my opinion.

Good luck and go with what you want!


Well it’s mostly up to your personal choice! If you are looking to expand your airport and model fleet you should look at a 1/400 over a 1/200 as 1/200’s can take up a lot of space for an airport and are much more expensive than a 1/400! If money and space isn’t a worry or you’re just looking at getting a few models and not making a whole airport then 1/200’s can prove to be a good option as they tend to be much more detailed! Hope that helps!

Thank you all for your opinions, I know think I will buy scale 1/400 because i am gonna buy like 12 planes to do an airport with them. Anyone knows websites that ship to UAE or stores in the UAE ? Thank you.

if you have plenty of money and space go for 1/200, if you’re on budget go 1/500. If you’re somewhere in between 1/400 are ideal

You should go for a 1/1. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it!


I myself have at least 10 GeminiJet 1:400 diecast steel aircraft. If you are looking for model plane sizes, I would definately recommend getting the 1:400 scale size. They may be smaller, but they take up far less space, enabling you to collect more, and they are generally much cheaper. I hope that I have helped! :)

I found this website that seems to be like Amazon.com, but for the middle east. It is called www.desertcart.ae. They sell GeminiJet 1:400 scale aircraft. I hope this helped. :)

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