What makes you like Infinite Flight?

1)a user interface that is uniquely a pleasure rather than a torture to use (so rare!)
2)respect for and focus on what a pilot would want to do and feel
3)being disciplined about not trying to throw every kitchen sink bell and whistle when prioritizing features (sense of balance and restraint is underrated, it seems to me anyway)
4)I’m a fan of the flight physics (good balance between trying to get it right and the complexity of the real natural world)


woah that’s awesome <33

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lol, yes the map too realistic love it

I cant play a big flight simulator like XPlane 11 or MFS, so IF is the perfect one for me. I enjoy the graphics, the realism AND most of all the multiplayer.

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the enjoyment of seeing the world without watching youtube

The biggest thing for me is the community — this is a great place to meet people and spend time exploring a shared interest. It’s also a fantastic resource for folks interested in aviation to find their footing.


short haul is good, but if long haul gonna be bored xd

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Successful flights are illegal for me

Easy in 2 words

Doing crash


Infinite flight is very good somehow

Everything from group flights to going to new airports I’ve never been in real life great scenery and staff interaction with the community and The amazing people in the community

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Hitting random patches of turbulence, touching up on my flying, learning the tricks to land different aircraft, being able to go wherever the heck i want, and flying into an airport on a regular non special flight and landing at the airport and there are a few planes there. My funniest experience (this was back when i had my weak ipad) I flew KATL-FACT and i had other traffic animations turned off so the game wouldnt crash. So i buttered my landing in FACT after 15 hours in the air. I started taxiing and taxi’d through a terminal and a few planes cause animations werent on and I didnt notice how close i was to the user squares and it was late evening so I ended the flight right before i wouldve been ghosted

agreed, wanna play together?

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sure! I sometimes play at weekends

woah, that’s a memory, love it! <3

wow, its been a long time bro… what longest route u like? ^^

Landing with 20+ fps and landing on a busy airport

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cool mate, i hope if have some great updates again :)

Being teased on their Social Medias

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Simply enjoy flying, trying my best to stay as professional/realistic as possible…

Also enjoy chatting here with likeminded people and watch they make smooth take-offs and landings.