What makes you like Infinite Flight?

Me personally, doing some long-haul flight for 12 hours+ lonely hahaha, but somethimes not going smoothly lol. Second thing are big airplane and you can fly to high altitude (39.000feet+), and mostly tailwind in Asia like China, very gg. How about you guys? Comment in below section…


The satisfying moment of touching down in a new airport after a successful flight.


Yeah ikr, feel so proud to ourself, and can post in insta xD


A firm but good landing and hearing the roar of the reverse thrust slowing you down after an ultra long haul flight


EVERYTHING makes Me like Flying ❕🛫♥️INFINITE ♾FLIGHT!


Because it’s best flight simulator for phone and tablet .

the graphics is amazing plus 3d airports and live ATC .
And finally my colleagues pilots .


Its price, it is not expensive but when I receive my laptop I would look elsewhere.


I only made it into the training server in the last hour, but I’ve done my “dream” flight KMLI (current home) → KBOS (grew up there) on casual and I’m looking forward to doing it again with ATC…

Came close to getting my license years ago, i just enjoy being able to sim the things i could do irl.

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Everything from the live servers to the scenery. I like everything lol.

Let’s me come closer to my dream of becoming a pilot or ATC and lets me feel the joy of flying, especially in times like these where flying is so rare

I would have to say being able to fly wherever I want to with live air traffic control, as well as being a part of IFATC for Expert Server ATC! Over the years infinite Flight has evolved so much! It is absolutely unbelievable how far the developers have come with it! I truly look forward to seeing how much more it grows!!

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Because with flying you’re free, no one is stopping you (except ATC). With flying the sky is the limit.

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Flying with the homies


It’s the only mobile sim with somewhat proper model planes and somewhat proper physics…I tried Real flight sim (RFS) and they have superior features and more realistic ground and Atc almost all around except a good looking world…but their planes look like poop and they have lame cockpits and the map can barely zoom out …it’s just dodo compared to infinite flights world map view and online flying.

The wide variety of places around the world we can head to, literally at our fingertips!
Not to mention the vast range of exciting aircraft to choose from!

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I have been flying in infinite flight for almost 10 years, so at this point, flying in IF just feels like home. Im really thankful for all of the devs and behind the scenes volunteers who made this possible!

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to feel a perfect lift into a perfect climb…to the flaring of a touch down so smooth you don’t even feel yourself touch the earth…yeah, thats what i love about flying in infinite flight!

The community the wonderful global scenery and the new 3D airports that come out. I spent a lot of money buying airplanes and regions from infinite flight. I have played IF before global came out

My favorite thing to do is to control on the expert server! That’s the main reason why I have infinite flight.

Oh, idk, just the experience of having a flight simulator in my hands at any time, as long as I have cell service!

Well also friends, I have a lot of them on here, virtual airlines, a new adventure every flight! THERE IS SO MUCH TO EXPLORE ON THIS SIMULATOR!!

Personally Infinite Flight beats out X-Plane, MSFS, RFS, and all the other ones. there is something about Infinite Flight that I love too much!!!