What makes you interested into planes?

Damn I actually don’t know. I’ve been loving planes ever since I remember. That makes me sound old but I’m only 14😂.


Commits flashback

June 15, 2014…

My family and i went into Ninoy Aquino International Airport to greet my sister who came back from San Francisco after working there.

On our way to the Airport i saw some small things on the car window (which is some plane about to arrive at the airport)

And as we get closer, i can see that they are ACTUALLY giants.

I wasn’t getting attracted to planes at that time until i saw a Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 taking off. luckily our car stopped near the runway itself so i can hear those GE CF6 engines. I still remember when everyone else shouted at me because it was too loud lol. But that cockpit and the hump of the Queen of the Skies started my interest in aviation.


I really like that I have loved airplanes since I was about 1 year old which I am a teen now but just the sounds and the way they work is just so fascinating

Wow. Wow. Wow.! Very Cool!

Yup! They really are awesome!

I love plane because of the mechanic of how it uses science to make a heavy airplane takeoff and reach altitudes of 40000 feet

Actually quite simple. I love planes because I am fascinated by the way they fly. I’ve always wondered how large metallic giants lift into the sky. It’s motion that can’t really be totally explained. It’s so magical, and what’s even more amazing is that you can walk, eat and breathe in these planes! It is just so amazing!

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Yea! Exactly!

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