What makes you interested into planes?

Have you ever thought why you love planes? What about planes get’s you so interested? Why every morning you wake up and start thinking about planes? Why is that?

For me it’s because I’m so amazed by the science that the planes need, the wind, and all those other things. But I’m also amazed of the ATC because it’s quite a important job. And lastly, I’m amazed by the herioc pilots who have saved 100’s of People from sudden death.

What about you? Why do you love planes?



I love planes because of the way they work


But what about the very few times they don’t work ;)

Then I get scared if I am on one but just the technology that they have

True, very true

Aircraft are just a fascinating creation by man that caught my interest when I was younger. Not just planes but the whole industry is something I love to look into and keep open eyes on. A passion of mine that will never go away


I am interested into planes because it’s a method for humans to fly, and I love to fly.


Interesting question.

I think it’s because they’re so huge, the wonder of flight itself, and it’s something cool to learn and do. They’re so cool to learn about and think about all the aerodynamics and everything. They take you places you need or want to be, they make cool sounds, they look awesome, and they’re just awesome in general. Also the feeling of flying is incredible. The G-forces of even small bumps, the feeling of responsibility you have as a pilot, and the feeling of command you have as a pilot are awesome too.

I don’t know exactly how to describe why I’m interested in planes but that’s my best explanation. They’re just cool 😎


I think this is definitely a big part of it. Humans aren’t physically able to fly, but we have machines that are able to do it for us. I think it’s just because planes are just so cool! They’re big, they’re loud…well now I’m just repeating what everyone else said…but I think all those things are true! I grew up around JFK for 18 years, so it’s safe to say air traffic was literally a part of my childhood.


I like them because of their immense size and power. Not only that, but they just look cool in general.

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because I saw a size comparison and I liked the 767 so I googled it, 4 years ago


The sounds I hear on the plane. Its so satisfying!

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I love how tiny yet powerful the Q300’s are.

Also gliding’s fun.

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-The Ability to fly was the dream of the humans for over 1000years.
-my first flight with an age of 2 1/2
-the great powerful engines in comparison with cars trucks ships. They are move tons of weight in the air
-the speed of 800km/h and more is faster than the most other civil transportation systems
-the feeling when sitting in a plane is evertime a wonderful experience


When I first saw a plane (Horizon Air Q400) I already liked the sleek look and massive props. The feeling of accelerating and lifting off of the ground was even better! The fact that we can cruise near the speed of sound and be anywhere in this world within a couple days is ridiculous. Also, a Hawaiian Airlines Captain and FO invited me to the cockpit of one of their planes after a trip from PDX-HNL and answered all my questions! The view is another one of many that I enjoy. If you told people 120 years ago you could eat a 4 course meal in an Air Conditioned metal tube at 40,000 feet and cross the Continental US in just 6 hours they’d think you were crazy! But here we are…


I was really young, and I went on a US Air Q100 going to CMH. Everything after that is a blur of downloading flight games on my old IPad, which became simulators, which became a complete flight setup I have now.

I’m taking my introductory flight on the 22nd.


I like planes bc yes

Well good question,

The feeling… It’s somewhat hard to describe. I guess its like the feeling of when you see something aesthetic or pretty and you really like it. Thats the best I can compare it too.

I love planes because I find it fascinating that a massive hunk of metal, plastic and fuel can launch into the air and stay afloat. In my opinion, its the best mode of private or public transportation.


In the early days, the Wright Brothers once said that airplanes will never become a form of mass transportation. However, ever since the Jet Age, airplanes have been the preferred, and most popular method to travel long distances internationally. It is just amazing, when you think of it, that you can easily hop on an airplane in New York, and land at London less than 7 hours later, or even longer distances such as Singapore in just 19. Without the airplane, long-distance international travel would have almost been impossible because of the time needed to complete a journey. The airplane is truly one of the greatest inventions of all time, it symbolizes what humans are capable of, yet perhaps the most remarkable part of it would be the progress made, in just over 100 years since the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk. We went from tiny planes built out of wood, to the original piston-engined DC-3, to the turboprop airliners like the L-188 Electra, to the first jet planes such as the Comet and 707, and finally to state-of-the-art modern jetliners with cutting-edge technology like the A350. It is impossible to imagine what we have achieved over the years, and that is what makes airplanes one of the most fascinating creations of mankind.

On a personal note though, I have loved aviation for as long as I could remember, and a few years ago I was invited to the flight deck of a Boeing 777, I absolutely enjoyed every second of the visit, and that is what inspired me to become a pilot in the future. If things go as planned, I may be taking my introductory flight next year, and I really hope everything works out!

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I know there’s physics and everything, but I still think, how the hell do these massive bits of metal take people to far away destinations

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