What makes you get ghosted in IF?

The only rule I know is that I can’t go above 250 KCAS below 10000 ft and not following ATC instructions. What else do I have to do to prevent being ghosted?

Take a look. Read carefully and just don’t do the things that have been stated below.


Use common sense. Don’t do stupid stuff or ignore ATC.

This is not exactly like reality, so I have to make sure that I am not breaking any regulations.

Follow instructions, don’t interfere with other members, and fly nicely.


Kinda tertiary, but DO NOT multi-task on your device when flying. Switching to another app while flying online can cause your flight info to partially disappear from ATC, preventing you and ATC from communicating properly.

I’ve been ghosted for [unintentionally, but still] violating airspace/separation minima when I tried calling in but ATC couldn’t reach me or properly see my flight information. 😥 Technical faults or not, it’s our responsibility as pilots to ensure that we establish contact with ATC and follow their instructions when in controlled airspace.

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I got ghosted for waiting take off clearance…
for trying to obey instructions… :)

Heres a step to not get ghosted no matter the situation you must always listen to the controller at all times even if you have low fuel and you dont tell the controller you still have to listen.

if you got ghosted and believe it was a mistake always PM the controller, now they might always not reverse it but if you have a good reason its possible they can

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Unless you had an inappropriate or very annoying callsign, PM the controller as mentioned above. Nobody should be ghosted for that.


I’ve been ghosted before and it’s not a great feeling. Although The IFATC team has done a great job in explaining my mistakes. I’ve never had a problem contacting and talking through the issues. In the end it’s made me a better IF pilot.

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Why declaring emergency is prohibited in this sim? Isn’t that something should be fixed?

It’s not prohibited. But to avoid people misusing the emergency fuel feature some limitations have been put in place, such as minimum flight time.

So here’s my concern, I fly fighters, so there is no way that I am able to get that 45 minute reserve from FAR because that’s more than 40% of my fuel tank. Usually I have to use the last 10% of fuel on final, If I miscalculate could I declare emergency?

I once ever got ghosted by Changing Frequency, from Ground to Tower. It was happened before the global version😂