What makes Infinite Flight worth it for you?

Before I got to know Infinite Flight, I was baffled at why people would pay so much for a mere mobile flight sim with pretty trash graphics compared to many PC simulators.

However, a friend eventually introduced me to the world of Infinite Flight, and I was hooked. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but the game had just the perfect balance between simplicity and realism, a balance which no other simulator offered.

After spending time getting to know the Infinite Flight Community, I realised that you guys were another reason I keep renewing my subscription. A vibrant community, full of character, humour and kindness. I can guarantee you that Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane doesn’t have nearly as many active forum members as we do, and their communities are more of an advanced technical discussion, rather than the lighthearted and fun stuff we have here.

When playing on my friend’s Microsoft Flight Simulator X on VATSIM (their multiplayer server), i was shocked to find that most airports, even major ones, were very rarely staffed by ATC, and airports with ATC also generated very few arrivals.

Whereas in Infinite Flight, I can regularly see more than a hundred people heading for the same airport at the same time, truly proving how dedicated and loyal of a community we are.

But when the outsiders judge Infinite Flight, I can’t possibly blame them. After all, we don’t have working flight management computers or a proper braking system, among so many things we don’t have that PC flight sim players take for granted.

I will be getting a copy of FSX in a few days, and that would certainly open up my horizons even further, allowing me to explore deeper in my passion for aviation.

But still, Infinite Flight is worth it for me. The community has been a huge part of my Infinite Flight journey, and I thank you all for it.

How about you?


Vas, amazing multiplayer, nice realism, ATC it’s just nice how you can do long hauls and atc while the regions are far too small without pro and it’s extremely boring flying offline and all on a mobile device


Honestly, I think it’s just the ‘personality’ of Infinite Flight. Awesome community, for the most part, and a good development team with the ability for users to communicate with developers.
That, the fact that I can’t afford a gaming PC and that fact that I’ve been here for yonks now so have seen the gradual development over the years.
I guess I’m just invested in the app now, and it has helped me to experience my ideal career while too young for flight school.


The main things for me are global and multiplayer. I can fly any real world flight and in most cases with the correct aircraft and fly with other planes around me.

I love doing everything perfectly with as much realism as possible even if I’m in an area with no other players around. I love aviation but never wanted it as a career so infinite flight gives me that fix.

Will the answer from me is everything the IF and the community .
Do you know I help some people to continue flying .

I don’t care about this game anymore the competition is already stronger and there is a lot of delay in rework and new textures

I don’t pay. That’s sure.

Being able to fly across the world and the amazing scenery

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I don’t have Pro, but I still absolutely love this simulator with all my heart. The amazing community, and just being able to fly all sorts of detailed, awesome aircraft however I want. Whether it’s patterns, the same flight over and over again, or just messing around, this thing is awesome.


Honestly, what really attracts me is the simplicity. The fact that you can get up and go in 10 minutes to any destination in a world is amazing.

One thing that really deterred me from any other simulator is the fact that you have to look up videos just to operate the aircraft, and on top of that you need a relatively decent computer to even run it.

The community is okay, some days are great on here while others aren’t so much. I appreciate how hard the developers are working towards making this the best flight simulator out there. It’s no easy task.


Honestly everything in Infinite Flight is worth it. From the scenery, the wonderful ATC service in Expert Server, and of course, the Community. The community is what makes Infinite Flight special.


I think as others have said, it’s a combination of factors, but also the balance of realism, detail, and simplicity. The Devs are very talented and incredibly driven, which is quite a big part of why I support Infinite Flight so much! I appreciate how they continue to make aspects of Infinite Flight ultra-realistic, while still containing everything to a mobile device. I never was very interested in a desktop flight sim, because in my experience the graphics are only alright (depending on your computer), you have to pay an arm and a leg just to collect the amount of aircraft and scenery Infinite Flight already has, the hardware in addition to the software is expensive, etc. etc. .

In addition, I never had a huge interest in specializing in one aircraft, since that’s sort of what you’re limited to on a desktop (I remember someone I talked to said that starting from cold and dark took a textbook and 30 mins, plus a lot of practice). If Infinite Flight ever gets to that point I’ll gladly continue playing and learning, but right now I don’t mind being able to start and taxi in 10 mins!

The selection of aircraft and the fact that I don’t need to search online for a downloadable semi-decent aircraft model or livery is a huge plus. I’m so glad Infinite Flight does everything in house, and I also realize that this is why the prices are so high. The quality and diversity of liveries and aircraft more than makes up for that however!

Basically, I see the $80 a year as an investment towards continued development in Infinite Flight over the next many years. I won’t be leaving Infinite Flight anytime soon, and even if I don’t fly a ton because of how busy I am, my subscription and community account will continue to be active, as I eagerly look forward to the future of Infinite Flight.


I went from simulator to simulator for about every two days I would delete and reinstall a sim until I hit infinite flight which I have been flying strong for two years


And now I can fly every where like no other simulator

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what makes infinite flight worth it for me is that the controls are so easy and it’s nothing that complicated. You don’t have to press f1 to change camera, it’s just a tap. Pretty simple. I might just be lazy to hold shift and press that button though, but I just find it really great that the sim isn’t so complicated. You don’t have to wait 15 minutes for it to just open the app, it’s amazing for a mobile flight simulator. Another thing is the community. Infinite flight wouldn’t be the same without it, and everything is with respect unlike FSX I mean the ATC communications can get wild there. Infinite flight is infinite flight, and that’s what makes it worth it for me

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The fact that it is the…


The fact that I make that I can learn a lot about aviation and have fun.

It’s the best f-sim on Mobile gonna play until I get a pc to play a PC sim

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The great amount of care put into it be the staff and and wonderful IFC who’s been helping me since day 1. No flight sim is better then Infinite Flight. Yes, other sims might be more realistic, but they don’t care about the communities opinion. Me and @Hymenopus_Coronatus where talking about it earlier today that there are some other sims (You probably know) that are for PC but have an awful community. And the fact that there is only a 1 time a year flat payment is amazing. There are other flight sims where if you want the whole world in HD scenery like in Infinite Flight, you have to have multiple terabytes of storage and/or pay hundreds of dollars. The devs try their best to make the sim simple, and I really appreciate that as it makes it a lot more convincing to just go and do a flight. The community we have here is amazing, and I’d never leave.


This can be hard to explain but I will try.

I first came across infinite flight when it was very new. Back then there was no global, only a few airports and aircraft were available.

It was miles better than anything else on mobile however, and to be honest graphically gorgeous.

I spent a fair bit of money buying their aircraft back then, the pro subscription meant you get to use all aircraft and airports, I bought them instead of subscriptions as I like to fly only certain aircraft and seemed like a better investment at the time.

That said IF remained a messing around type of sim for when I couldn’t be bothered to set up MSFSX.

Global changed everything.

Basically I found myself pushing more and more for IF and less towards traditional PC sims.

MSFSX is essentially a defunct product and has so many issues, technical issues that can take hours or days to resolve.

It got to a point that I was spending more time fixing bugs and problems than actually enjoying my flights.

In desperation I switched to X-Plane. I did not like the experience at all, but the reasons why would take too long to explain And probably don’t belong in this post.

I came finally across Prepar3D, which is by far the best sim on PC in my opinion.

The problem is it costs thousands of dollars to get the necessary add ons to generate the kind of experience you want from a sim that quality. It’s also quite time consuming to set up, use and maintain.

In the end I have more fun in IF since global, it maintains a good degree of realism while keeping the experience free from add on mess and clutter.

The developers are doing such a wonderful job constantly improving and adding new things.
It’s pure enjoyment of flying without needing a computer engineering degree just to get the thing running.

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