What makes infinite flight the best mobile flight sim in your opinion? [Poll]

If there’s something about IF that you love so much, leave a comment on it :)

  • The yoke sensitivity (ie: the plane isn’t all wobby because of you’re shaking or something like that)
  • The liveries
  • A vast amount of aircraft to choose from
  • The friendly staff :)
  • Everything above #infiniteflight4lyff

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Lol I’ll go with the bottom option 😂

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Can I add something to the poll? :)

Impossible. Things can only be added to the poll at least 3 mins after the post has been made :P

The real world waypoints allowing for real world routes.
The real world taxi lines and gates.
The live weather.
The availability of real world liveries.
Live ATC, lead by real world air traffic controllers and pilots.
The option of flying or being ATC.
What appears to me to be pretty accurate flight characteristics.
These are the major ones for me, when comparing to other mobile flight Sims.


I’d also say the user friendly user interface. It’s not cluttered at all :)

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Developers who are listening and actually care about the feedback