What makes Infinite Flight Stand Out for you?

I invite anyone who is willing, to share an experience or opinion on why it is they love infinite flight. From the scenery to the planes to the community! What makes it stand out for you?

So I’m my flight last night, I was just out doing a little cruising then some touch and goes around Fort Worth at dusk, in my baby (F-14), when out of the blue another F14 shows up. A grade 5 at that! @Recxx We messed around for a minute or two, then actually landed, taxied around and each flew out together again. All completely random, just kinda hooked up. When he showed up originally, I was on my final touch and go, but instead stayed on for a good 30-45 minutes longer. So one of the things that makes this sim awesome for me, is the fact that anyone anywhere can do this! At anytime, someone can come up beside you, and you realize this is way more than a single player app. It’s a community of flight enthusiast! I love it, and the devs of IF!


Well i can describe it in 1 word, Global…


The scenery it’s amazing compared to the other mobile flight sims

Just the scenic aspect of it is amazing, it’s truly incredible how high quality the graphics are for a mobile flight simulator.

Ummm, this is a bit of a duplicate in my viewpoint. Could a mod or someone clarify whether it is a dup or not?

Anyways, liveries without spelling mistakes, and high-quality aircraft makes IF stand out.

Infinite Flight stands out for me because of the effort put in the Simulator by it’s developers, the diversity of it’s community, and overall the friends I have made that extend way beyond IF because of the decision I made to pay $5 a few years ago. The Simulator is absolutely beautiful with the scenery and the aircraft, and FDS has done one hell of a job with IF and this Community overall, they set the bar high with this one.

I also like the fact that they maintain a Community with a very diverse group of people, it’s always great to meet new people from all different corners of the world and all walks of life. Let’s make this the greatest feature of Infinite Flight!


I would say it is not just the scenery or simply the community but the whole package. One thing that I love however is the very small adjustments to how the aerodynamics of the aircraft change every few months and one has to relearn the aircraft to recognize these minute changes. It reminds me of how there is a flow to this simulator including the changes in wind speed and patterns and the changing of the scenery.


Where else do you find a flight sim with so many pilots live? And with ATC support! And who else has Global coverage with realistic view of the workd because of the satellite images used?

ATC and GLOBAL. It’s awesome.

The scenery that’s accurate and beautiful, the aircraft quality, ATC, multiplayer, the time and effort our developers clearly put into it, and the undeniable fact that it’s better than every other mobile sim.

The fact that I can go anywhere in the world and see where I should book my next holiday before I even actually go there :)


The quality is the best you can get on ANY app on mobile, yet IF have done it. Also the multiplayer experience is top of the line etc

Infinite Flight stands out to me because it is the most realistic simulator on mobile.

I have played other mobile flight simulators like Extreme Landings and none of them come even just a little bit close to what Infinite Flight has to offer. Infinite Flight is better than all of them COMBINED!!!

  • Amazing scenery
  • Global (realistic global unlike Extreme Landings)
  • Realistic Controls

Basically just realism and at a whole new level.

The fact that we get to watch @dush19 and @anon66442947 crash

Global, the amount of detail and just the simplicity of Infinite Flight is extraordinary. It makes it one of those games simulators that is perfect to play on the bus, or secretly at work or school :P

Global, ATC, amount of aircraft, livery’s

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In my opinion the best thing about IF that stands out from any other sim that exists inckuding Xplane 11 and P3D is the community! We have such a good friendly community and sooo many events that just makes IF so much better! The community easily beats any simulator out there!

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