What makes Infinite Flight run smoothly?

Hello everyone! I’m no tech geek so apologies in advance if I’m screwing up the wording. I currently play IF on my Google Pixel 2XL. I used to play on an Amazon Kindle before it got taken off the Amazon store. I’m currently looking at buying an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus tablet. I know there are many ways to get the Google Play Store onto a Kindle. My only question is, would the Kindle provide smooth flights with no lag? It has 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. Is that sufficient? Feel free to ask me any questions. I have been under the impression that a lot of RAM makes games run smooth.

What makes Infinite Flight run smoothly?

Sorry m8. I’m no tech wizard either. However, there any many techies on the IFC…
sorta trying to bump this so helpful people (not me) can help you out

I do not personlly use the a Kindle Fire, however 3GB of RAM should be sufficant. Just make sure you have a decent amount of storage to spare as well! From my expeience (on an iPad mini 5), 5GB of extra storage seems to be fine. The mini 5 device also has 3GB of RAM and I can run IF on all high settings, so assuming the Kindle Fire is listed under supported devices, you should be good.

If you end up using the device and notice it is getting hot, lagging, or the app is crashing, lowering you graphics would be a good idea, though it is not optimal if you want the best quality.

Hope this helps :)

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Its not just ram and storage.

  1. Storage will come into play whe the scenery gets cached and stored along with aircraft models

  2. Ram will come into play depending on the duration of the game play and for multi tasking. Your devices os will already be using some of that. Scenery load times, aircraft traffic etc will also be ram dependent.

What really comes into factor is the processor chip and the integrated gpu. Without getting too technical, my earlier device with snapdragon 650 with 4gb ram ran things well to a degee (medium textures, anti aliasing, limited fps etc - this was in 2018), while my new device with snapdragon 845 and 8gb ram means everything unlimited and limit fps off. Ofcourse with the latest update, I had to limit the airplane count to medium on live mode. The device can still drop down the fps
at airports with high traffic and get hot.

You have to ask youself, what is smooth according to you? What level of quality do you want? And then decide.

Also ios vs android ram management are vastly different and not directly comparable with one other. Android has its own OS version, bloatware which dictate how much ram will truly be available.

I have also used devices with 8gb ram but mid level chipset and the performance is still very laggy for me.

Kindle would certainly not able to give you the performance close to what your google device does and it certainly wont be smooth in my opinion.

My advice: Focus on the chipset first. Compare it with the device compatibility performance thread on this forum, to see what kind of performance have people been getting. Then focus on ram and space.


3GB is probably gonna be a little low. I mean it will probably run, but I don’t think I can recommend a kindle as an infinite flight device with a straight face. If your getting it anyway I suspect it will work on bare minimum settings, but kindles aren’t exactly known for there computational power…


Mostly gonna be using for entertainment while traveling so I still have my phone handy. However I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have IF downloaded as well.

I don’t think so, kindles aren’t very good devices for high quality games and simulators, they’re basically just for reading and some games, even though it has 3gb of ram it still won’t work very well for IF, I would recommend paying a little extra to get an iPad since that will work better for IF and other things.

What makes if run smoothly?
Approach atc on the ts who know what they are doing :)

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Mmm no, not what I meant.

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