What makes EGLL and KLAX so popular?

In the history of flight simulation KLAX and EGLL have always been extremely popular . Why is that ?


Like when you fly into them you are practically sure of that you will have ATC

Well, first of all, London and Los Angeles are two of the most important cities in the world, and that helps building some traffic. But most importantly, I think it works as a loop. Pilots fly there because they know there will be ATC almost always, and ATC goes there because they know there will be traffic.


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why not AMS or ATL either, they are some of the largest airports


also i think it might be because of the pre-global region limit and that popularity just stuck


I think also location


LAX and LHR are some of the biggest and the busiest airports in the world. They are both hubs for so many airlines and overall they are just famous. The term “LAX” has been used in movies, songs etc.


True but then you should count CDG and JFK as well as all the important airports. In the Flight simulation world it’s really LHR and LAX

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Might be something to do with A380 services as well. IIRC, both LHR and LAX are the top two airports in the world when looking at unique A380 services (unique airlines). Both are served by a range of different airlines, which might’ve helped with their popularity in IF.


For LHR, i can ad, that the American routes from in/ out of here are the quickest and there’s a lot of American destination at this airport

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True true good point although in my opinion , especially in the last few weeks , I feel LHR is a bit more popular than LAX

They are the gates of Europe and America (in the northern hemisphere)


Tbh it likely has to do with how they’re always shown in flight sim trailers and such. But also it feels like to me, personally, that EGLL and KLAX are always used as introduction airports. Idk if that is even true, but whatever.


The reason because this is the most knowing airport by everybody since the first version of Infiniflight

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