What Makes an Airport Interesting to you?

What features make an airport interesting to you? Do you like when an airport has water, mountains, or is busy? Personally I like airports where you have an approach over some body of water. Thank You.

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The scenery and challenge, and I like single runway airports for some reason. 🤔

Anything with scenery and people really… Also I prefer if there’s atc.


Definitely mountains and valleys along with sharp turns (judging by real world approach charts). Gotta enjoy those challenges!

Three words. Air Traffic Control.


Scenery, Valleys and Mountains.

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ATC and some other traffic is usually a draw for me. Scenery is secondary, but enjoyable.

The Private Lounge :P … Airport food is great !


The scenery and design of the airport.

Any difficult approach where the pilot actually has to work and doesn’t push a land button makes an airport interesting for me.

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Anywhere that @dush19 doesn’t fly to/from interests me.

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Definitely if it has a difficult approach (through mountains, just a tricky approach, etc). I don’t mind a little bit of nice scenery either!

guys if you like a tricky approach spawn in the Himalayas and fly to the airport that is restricted. It took me ten minutes to see it before I could even land lol sorry cannot remember the name

I like airports that are laid on the coast. Not a fan of airports that have mountainous terrain and difficult approaches.

In IF I mostly fly where atc is or a real challenge

I like simple easy approachs, London City isn’t one of them, yet I love flying into it

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IRL I like an airport where all the terminals have connection behind security so you can see the whole airport on a layover. In IF I like the airports where you have to land through valleys or have really strong winds coming off of a mountain. Nothing funner than crosswind landings.

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Active ATC + Interesting location with not very easy approaches!
Like this one: https://youtu.be/DT3FZnoO2f4

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So you mean America? No surprise ;)

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Mountains and valleys! Try an approach into paro. Its really tricky!