What made your aviation interest take off?

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I was interested since I was very young. When I really got into it was when I was about ten; I had a lot of time to spare, and I just started flying my rc plane I had, I bought magazines about airliners, then, finally, I started simming, starting off with the incredibly basic xplane 9 mobile, then later upgrading to IF, and here I am at grade 4 and enjoying life:)

It was a few years back. I was at the airport for my flight back home, but it was delayed for about 10 hours 🤣🤣

I had so much time watching aircraft take off and land, and I thought it was interesting so I did a bit of research and began to enjoy aviation

A few years later, it’s still what I really enjoy to do now, and I hope to make it a career in the future


Great topic!

Mine was when my dad bought me an introductory flight on my 10th birthday.

38 years later, all these logbooks are now full. Just about to cross the 10,000 hour mark. It’s been fun!


i have 1hr 45min logged flight time with the cessna 182 and 172 out of KTTD

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