What made you to decide to start playing infinite flight

What made you to start infinite flight. Mine was the time I was in rsw and I was saw this app and I was like o my goodness.

Thread is here.

This is to decide

This is to decide to start playing . Not why

Only to decide not why

Decide/Convince. Two different words with the same meaning. Continue in the other thread please.

That sorta means the same thing

Well if you’re going to get IF, you’re bound to play it.

Also this is in #general as It is a general question, not a live topic.

No convinced and decide are not the same thing

Convinced and decide actually are the same thing. If you’re convinced to try something, you’ve decided that you are going to try it. See the similarities?

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I think we will just keep going on on a never ending loop here. Changing the tables, let’s just let this topic flow as per the title, and see how it runs for now. 🙂


Reeeemix makes remix noise

In which case, I’ll go first. I first decided to get IF when my friend and I were stuck at Bologna Airport for 3 hours with a delayed flight.

Then I tried a subscription, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I still much prefer IF over all other flight simulators.

I am so confused… Community members here should be able to formulate their thoughts into one post with some of their post if not all of it making sense to the user. I quoted your entire replies from 3 separate posts and none of them make any sense.

With that said, this is not a chat room. PM the individual you’re trying to talk to if you’re going to write short. But @Ecoops123 is correct in regards to the topic you need to continue in. Seeing that your topic is 99.999% similar, the .001% difference that you’re alleging does not warrant its own topic.

Please take the necessary to improve your interactions here on the forum to formulate clear and concise posts and topics. Thanks.