What made you look for the community instead of just flying on this simulator?

I came here and started using the forum because this was the place where the new aircraft were teased, I used to use the old website to vote so I was definitely interested in voicing my opinion and seeing all the cool teasers and features. After a while though I started getting more active and relaxed what a great place this was. The rest is history!

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When I had the old IF, I clicked on the « request aircraft » button which led me here.


i have had a lot of questions, and every time i searched infinite flight on google most of the search results are from this forum,. i used to underestimate this game cause i have had simulators like xplane 10 & Aerofly previously as well as the demo version of FSX on my potato pc lol.

at first i bought the base game without global and i refund it one or two hours later! i was shocked at how bad the ground scenery was, i didn’t know how the map works and i was constantly trying to land the a380 on short runaways cause i didn’t know where the actual big airports are, the night view was a big downside since i really love night flights

i previously had mobile simulators like xplane 10, Aerofly 2, extreme landings, xplane 10 & Aerofly 2 are the absolute best when it’s comes to graphics but they had very small maps to fly in, on the other hand extreme landings have a global map but the graphics and scenery are really bad at high altitude, and i couldn’t afford high tier pc builds for pc flight simulators so i wanted to get a new mobile simulator that have a global map and there was no other option but infinite flight so after doing some researches i watched some videos on youtube for long flights and the cool graphics from high altitude i decided to join the community forum and ask some questions about the global subscription and the costs etc,…

also i like the fact there’s a community that can help you out when you need help or don’t know how to do something and want solutions, unlike on some other mobile flight simulators that it’s always a struggle to find answers or solutions,.


“American 508 please check tutorials on the forums for assistance using ATC instruction” (back when I first joined the sim)


I actually wamted to become mod and IFATC so I just joined altho I haven’t achived neither.

Actually I was messaging Mark and then I came here not knowing I was here

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I found the forum in 2016 because I clicked on the events on the main screen. Now I’m here

I want your food lol


I encountered issues with IF on logging into IF Live with Facebook

I went to their website and clicked on “Support” and it took me to IFC’s #support category.
I created an account with IFC and posted the thread below, which was my first ever thread on IFC

I think I joined when @schyllberg was still a regular and @NEO was still around.

While waiting for my problem to be fixed, I looked around at some other topics and found out that this place was a better version of Discord. I participated in some, read around, and got TL1.

After my problem was solved, I never signed back on (maybe a few times) until the announcement of an upcoming update called “Global.” That’s what kept me on IFC to get updates about when it would come out. Once global came out, I pretty much remained on IFC and in January, 2018, I joined @Brent_A’s PHNL event flyout and joined Hawaiian VA (ran by @Balloonchaser).

I have been active on IFC since then and that’s why I joined the community instead of just playing on IF.

The main reason why I first joined was because of that Facebook problem which Tyler helped out. (Even Laura had to chip in).


I actually remember that topic :)

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Just to confirm, were you still a regular then because for some reason, I remember looing at the thread where you were promoted to TL4

And how did you still remember that topic XD

I love it how you handed off to Tyler back in the day 😂


I was promoted to Moderator shortly thereafter actually, June 22nd. So little over 2 weeks later :)

Some things stick, it’s just how i am. I have a strange ability to remember weird things…

Lol, i know :) I dropped so much things in his lap all the time.


😬 And I do the same to you 🤣

Thank goodness for awesome staff through the years!


Support. Thats why. Just kidding It is the event section. :)

I really have no idea how I got into the community. I initially found the community 2 weeks after it’s release. The way I found it was from a link and I wanted to create a feature request about 3D airports. For some reason I couldn’t. So I gave up and came to the conclusion that the IFC was extremely confusing and stupid. Boy was I wrong! I opted to not make a account as I didn’t want anything to do with the IFC. Then in 2017 I re-found the community because of global, so I decided to join, but I was never active. Then in July of 2018 I started to explore the IFC and found it extremely “creative and different.” So I gave it a shot, stayed active, and the rest is history…

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I could actually remember when @Levet became mod.I was suprised he became mod in a matter of months being in IFC

I think everyone felt bad for me driving 15 hours to Atlanta, then went to a wedding in Nashville and then drove back to Atlanta to hang out with everyone and wrap up ModCon 😂


You powered through it like a boss. Didn’t even look THAT tired, if it helps.

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I second this, lol. There weren’t any ATC tutorials from Tyler yet either so this forum was the end all resource for correctly using ATC.

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