What made you decide on your VA?

I joined IFVATC becous i wanted something realistic and fun. There are many online players and staff that awncer your questions realy quick. So you do not struggle with the questions yourself

I always liked to fly with real ATC, and this was my chance to do it. I have flowen many times with really good vocal ATC. The ATCs are really proffesional. It is a lot of fun having to think what to say back. And if you do something wrong they correct you or help you out with some questions.

A another thing I wanted to have was the use of charts. IFVATC uses charts, so you always need to fly with a chart next to you so you know what the approach/departure route is.

IFVATC only operates in the SoCal and NoCal reagions. Don’t think that it gets boring, it will be fun!

Another thing i really liked it that you can fly on solo with the IFVATC too! That made me join almost immidiately.

Here is a link to the website, you should check them out:


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I’ve always been a huge absolute huge fan of Frontier Airlines in real life. So it was only natural for me to search thr Ugh the database looking for one. I never found it. So I created what has now become one of most active n terms of members Airlines in this sim. Not saying it’s the largest but it is high up there.

I chose NetJets because it is a relatively small community filled with mature members that are not looking to screw around. Yes we have fun and go on some unique routes as a group, but that’s what makes it fun. After I finish my time at the airlines (IRL), I plan on working with NetJets to become a pilot within that professional environment.

Virgin Australia Virtual Group, it’s a new airline with multiple routes coming with global. And you have the choice to fly with Tigerair or Virgin Australia.

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“The Group™”


I chose Jetblue because it was my favorite airline and seemed like a decently built VA, I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had talking to those guys.

Becoause IT seemed fun

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