What made you decide on your VA?

I think I’m ready to start looking to join so I can dive deeper into the IF community and have some more enjoyable flight time with group flights, events, etc.

But what made you choose and apply for your VA?
What were your considerations?
What were some things that deterred you? (This is not a green light to bash any specific VA, please).

Thank you guys, looking forward to hearing back.


ps. Speaking of callsign, am I to offically change my callsign when flying? I think I’ve seen that being a requirement of a VA.

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I fly for TravelSky. I decided to join because I liked the idea of an original VA. Also, as global approaches, I like the liberty of flying custom TSK routes, and not being restricted to real life airline modeled VA routes (I can fly those without being a part of a VA).


quick and easy ; I was bored of flying everyday the same routes, doing all the same talking to ATC again and again. Thats why I searched for a VA that offers diversity of usual flying, focuses on flying with other members instead of just counting up hours until you “achieve” new aircraft that you have flown 100 times before, also I was looking for fun. I tried the one and the other VA, mostly only to see that like ( despite having 100 or 200 members ) 5 to 15 guys are active ( depending on the size ).
Thats why I decided to go my own way somehow, and then eventually me and a friend created “AeroSync” [AAT], where I focus on having active people only and getting rid of the ones who just join for the fact of being in a nice VA with good reputation.
If you want to, you can check out what we created in the last month :
web : http://aerosync.weebly.com/
NEW YEAR, NEW GROUP | New Hub, New Routes ! | AeroSync




In the early days I chose my VA based on the respectability of the brand and their organisation. It is different for everyone though and you should experiment a bit to find you’re favourite type. Here are some of the official VAs linked below. Read through and pick one which seems the best for you;


This basically is gonna be a topic to promote the “the best” VA’s.


I choose Qantas because they are very big and have awesome routes and systems. :)


Probably…but have to have some confidence that the community will answer the question that is being asked.

So far, I see two helpful posts. :)


My suggestion is to try a few different VAs and decide what you like in a VA. There are lots to choose from and there is not limit on joining VAs. Different VAs have pros and cons, it just depends on what you like. Some have more communication than others, while some let you fly a certain aircraft you might only be able to fly there. Check out the database, look at webpages, and ask members. But, this should definitely not be a VA bashing thread.

Speedbird 107
British Airways VA


What do you mean by that?

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As he said, I guess he wants to dive.
Into the community, you know.

Not funny, well…


escorted someone once, really liked it, so I joined IFES :)


“A” for effort…but you are better than this.

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I keep searching for the right kind of humor in the forum :D

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It’s a figure of speech that I personally selected, in order to communicate the idea of being more involved with the community.

Does this help? :)

Ok, now I get it because you said involved.

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I’ll like it because I know I couldn’t do much better…

I first wanted to join a VA so that I could learn more abut flying, as well as learn what routes I could fly! When I first got IF there was no community or live so I didn’t know what routes I could fly realistically in each region. Also wanted to be involved with a community. ( remember no IFC back then!)

I looked at a few and decided that I wanted to be a member of a VA that was based on real life procedures and followed their practices fairly closely. I steered clear of VAs that had lots of different ranks and you could fly and route in any aircraft at anytime. That dosnt happen in the real world.

After looking at different VAs I choose the one that I am member of because it met all the criteria that I wanted and gave a good approximation of real life operations. I am now a member of staff there and love putting more back into the VAs to help new pilots!

With regards to callsigns, with my VA we ask that you use the correct call sign for th flight that you are flying, however when you are flying any other flight you are of course free to use any call signs you choose. During an event we ask that pilots use the callsign that they are assigned with by the VA. I generally only fly about 50% of my flights for my VA, other times I fly other routes and regions which I want to and tend to pick an appropriate Call sign, either air line based or a GA one.

Happy landings!


Just like the experienced members have mentioned above, Joining a VA is a fantastic part of IF, and for me personally, the best element of IF and IFC.

Really proud that Chris has chosen us at British Airways as the VA to show him what Virtual Airlines are all about!

Welcome Chris!


I joined KLM because of the fleet of aircraft they own. The routes they fly. I also just like KLM i n general lol. I also joined KLM because it will be good when the global update comes out because you can fly more realistic routes from their main hub in Amsterdam.

I choose American just for the really good people and just how professional they are yet can still have a laugh. It was about the people for me

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