What made you choose IF over other simulators?

Infinite flight live is definitely what makes this game better than others.

It is the ONLY REAL flight simulator for the mobile device. Everything else is just a GAME. It is just that simple.

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Infinite flight was actually the first flight simulator that I found and I instantly fell in love with it.

Many real planes, Many real liveries, 99.999999999999999999% accurate physics, easy-to-use interface, a helpful, diverse and amazing community, the fact that it isn’t a 200% corrupt company that developed it, the fact that it fits in just about any Smartphone and any Tablet Computer, and the fact that we can do just about anything we want involving a plane.

Hard to answer the poll accurately, even though it lists quite a few things that played a role. I’ve used Infinite Flight since 2012, so I’ve seen a lot of the evolution over time. I remember when San Francisco Intl was a green rectangle with four generic runways - a far cry from the current layouts (which, even though are 2-D, are still very detailed).

When I picked IF, the only other app that could call itself a simulator was the X-Plane 9, which has since been removed from the App Store. I got tired of no updates and poor quality of airplanes, and looked for something else. Infinite Flight was just recently released to iOS at the time, and even then it still outshone the competition; the airplane models were far more realistic, there was flight planning, the look and feel of the simulator had the impression of being simple yet professional, - in other words, the philosophy was ‘get fewer features done well’ over ‘lots of features done quickly but poorly’.

Better question at this point would be what made me stay. The answer for that would definitely be the community and Live feature. As far as the quality of the sim goes, with the two other players getting major updates, it’s comparable. It’s easily better in some areas, and some areas have stagnated somewhat or lagged behind - at the end of the day, not a big deal, because there’s only so much time and so much other resources that can be allocated to development, so IF will get there. But there’s absolutely nothing like flying with other aircraft, controlled and directed by other members of the community. Few things give a genuine feel of being in the pilot’s seat in the middle of the action itself, and the multiplayer is the absolute king in that regard.

Grapics, grapics, grapics! IF has wayyy more superior grapics then other mobile flight sims. However the reigons are limited but that should be fixed with Global update. Also it needs to be more freindly to first time users and have some tutorials and stuff. All the other sims have this IF is one of the few which doesnt. It took me months to finally play the game somewhat right with intermediate knowledge.

The region sizes. I bought it after I got X-Plane 10, and was happy at the region sizes, but disappointed with the cockpit quality.

However, exterior quality is awesome! :)

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The realism in general. Just amazing, and it’s gonna be more amazing agter global!

I chose IF because I couldn’t afford a 1 million dollar full motion simulator.


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