What made you choose IF over other simulators?

None of the above

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I chose it because of the 3D cockpit. But that was years ago, before you could even look around. I think that the crj-200 was the only plane with a 3d cockpit

A $5 iTunes gift card


Trying to find some simulator to enjoy. I literally just kept downloading simulators until I found this one.


I downloaded a lot of simulators until this one and it’s 10x better. But the main thing is price, it’s not like FSX where you need a high quality laptop plus the software and the aircraft it’s great value for money.

Real world liveries

My friend told me, and I found it realstic.

Because of all the fantastic airport editors 😀


Real life navigation aids, the VOR’s, Approach Plates, Charts and GPS points.

I do like the graphics of Aerofly 2, but the flight control and quality of aircraft smashes in IF :)

Only good mobile flight simulator

Infinite Flight is the best mobile sim out there.

Amount of liveries which exist in real life and are in the sim should be an option.

I know, but if I add it then the vote results are reset

I like how people think infinite flight is better cause of the quality of planes… They look good, but there certainly are some sims with better quality of planes. I prefer IF mostly cause of live. The best purchase ever!

Oh. I didn’t know about that.

The community. The graphics. Live and atc…pretty much everything

Their is no mobile sim like it if I had a gaming computer I would 100% get FSX X-Plane or P3D.

If sims like Aerofly and X-Plane had a good nav system and good auto pilot I would play those.

Aerofly 2 now has a decent F/D system and a good autopilot, and X-Plane 10 also has a good autopilot, but it’s only on two planes and their nav system sucks more than anything ever