What made you choose IF over other simulators?

What is the reason you chose Infinite Flight over other flight simulators (e.g. X-Plane 10, Aerofly)

  • Infinite Flight Live
  • Amount of aircraft
  • Amount of regions
  • Quality of airports
  • Quality of aircraft
  • Quality of terrain
  • Flight physics
  • Controls/ease of use
  • User Interface
  • Infinite Flight Community
  • Other/not listed (please comment)

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Everything, no mobile sims come close to what IF offers and I have tried them all!


Live, the User interface is awesome, and the amount of aircraft. X plane mobile has way way better cockpits and better physics on their aircraft. But there UI is atrocious and the multiplayer is boring.


Infinite flight has a good amount of planes and airports, and a very usable and customization interface. Both X plane and Aerofly have less scenery and planes

Very true my friend

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It’s the only one I could find at first

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I guess it was first time lucky then!

Another one extremely essential to me: Joystick support.


You could have rung up Apple and get it done over the phone 😂

Air Trafic Control

Live wasn’t there when I got it. Other sims were unrealistic.


Probably because it is one of a few goon mobile flight simulators

The waypoints, live weather, live ATC and realistic looking planes.


I was thinking IF and XPlane should partner and launch a full real world sim like ones on desktop computers.

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I chose IF when I first saw a SIA livery :P

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I don’t see how quality of aircraft has so much votes sure good outside textures on around half of planes but on Aerofloy quality is consistent and high detail on planes. of course I do think infinite flight is better all round :)

Lol. I sat here watching your coment changed about 3times.


I added to it :)

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I heard about this sim from a friend of a friend back in 2013 and I then downloaded it

I saw that this sim had more to it than the others. It had a good live flight network and the best ever 757.