What long haul routes that would take 13 hours (No Waypoints)

comment below which route that should take amount of hours i can sleep to gain flight hours and XP in the future (or just leave this behind since people did it)

Dubai to KLAX. A perfect overnighter. May I ask, why you dont want waypoints? Every flight-plan has them

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Fpltoif.com has a random flight generator option where you can customize your flight time. It’ll give you the necessary flight information and flight plan.

Not using waypoints makes you look bad and non-realistic.


basically though i secretly dont want to be realistic since i thought it would take longer ANNND I thought i was dumb at this and since waypoints can be useful and be realistic as usual and im In Grade 4 And have 500+ Hours 350 landings

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Having your destination as your only waypoint will always be shorter than a flight with waypoints.

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hmm, maybe not though if you take into account a great circle route.

Waypoints/flight plans are designed to make the route shorter. Why do you think that pilots don’t just go directly from Orlando to London and go across the Atlantic instead of following the east coast? Because of the globe’s curve. So trust me - it takes 5 seconds - just go to a flight plan generator website and copy and paste it in.

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Having a 1 waypoint FPL is defintiley not realistic, and will also not make the flight any shorter.

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