What liveries should be added to what?

:fries: :fries: :fries:(ran out of popcorn)…clearly you can see who are the assertive ones around…anyway,back to the “TOPIC” @BBJMAX…as you said i wish that Virgin B747 & A330 livery was there…ALSO i’ve been on demand about this one…if they can bring back B747-200 PanAm…why the hell not B757 Eastern Airlines…iconic airline who were the first airline to launch the B727 & B757…oh well…deaf ears is all is see :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :mute:


I’m actually about to watch a New “Behind the scenes” series on Virgin Atlantic!

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Please try to stay on topic guys. :) It would be better to open specific livery requests one at a time. It’s impossible to track all the various comments with several different suggestions. This is fine for a general discussion, but it doesn’t really fit in with the feature category as it is too sporadic and non specific.

If you wish to request a livery, by all means please do. It should look like this:

Delta family liveries.
Leave livery requests in the comments of specific aircraft requests.

Make sense? :smile:

This is mor of a discussion post rather than a feature request. The title is a discussion question. A feature request would be something like “Add These Liveries for the A320”.

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@John_Preston21 “you must not know who I am in the community”. Just curious. Who are you John? Do you hold a place in the community that give you Carte Blanche. What was the reason for all Cap’s? Sending a signal?
Mad Max Sends


These are the liveries I wish at most:
A333 — Etihad • Qantas
B712 — Volotea
B752 — Thomson (current livery)
B763 — Thomas Cook (current livery)
B772 — KLM (new livery) • American Airlines (current livery) • United Airlines (current livery) • Asiana Airlines
B77W — Turkish Airlines • Air China • Air New Zealand (Hobbit livery)
E175 — American Eagle
E195 — Lufthansa Regional

Well, as he said!

Apart from that, he is an active member of this community. Check the users page. He is at the top of a lot of those stats. Very respectable person and widely known throughout the community. ‘just sayin’

@Swang007… Shawn, Thank you for the feedback. Without a playbook it hard identifying the players. I guess I’ll just draw conclusions in the future after I check with you. Big Ego’s are not always a good indicator. Regards, Max

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i think being humble you can gain more respect,however there are those that feel being assertive will establish some sort of presence within the community and therefor gain popularity and respect.

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Are lingus for a320

Couldn’t have said it better, honestly.

Now how about we get back on topic. There was no need to start the drama in the first place.

Totally agree! Uncalled for and unnecessary.

How about bringing some more defunct airlines liveries you could have:

737-700 in Flyglobespan
757 in Eastern, Airtours (the version without the tail stripes)
767/737-800 XL Airways (UK)
A320 British Midland and bmi same airline 2 identities from different periods

Can u add cockpit light in boeing 777 please and logo light right on the tail it will give more realistic look.