What kind of punishments does one receive in expert server?

For example, ATC tells someone to go around, but they don’t listen and instead land anyway

You can get ghosted by the atc, staff or mod. This means that you can‘t fly on the expert server for one week.


Follow instructions or be ghosted. That’s basically all you have to worry about.

Thank you for that. I hope it’s better than the training server, I just had someone pass me up on a final going 250 knots and dropping something like 8000 feet per minute and I got the go around 😐

Controllers don’t have the ability to ghost on the Training Server, only on Expert Server.

Sometimes you’ll get pilots on the Training Server that are ‘Training’ and might not understand how to operate professional.

If you know the rules you won’t get ghosted and if you do get ghosted don’t be afraid to contact the controller to talk it over or to understand what went wrong. Just be polite and respectful.


Mods can ghost on any server. They have THE POWER

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