What kind of Infinite Flight pilot are you? Quiz! (Scoring problems fixed)

Photo courtesy of the Infinite Flight Blog.

Hello everybody! Here’s a fun way to find out how good of an Infinite Flight pilot you are. If you answer A, give yourself one point. B, two points. C, three points. There will be a scoring guide at the end. Be honest with yourself; that would be the only way to

  1. You’ve just spawned into a terminal. What do you do first?
    A. Pushback from the gate.
    B. Request pushback clearance, then pushback when you receive permission.
    C. File a flight plan, request pushback clearance, then pushback when clearance is received.

  2. You need to create a flight plan. How do you make it?
    A. As few waypoints as possible.
    B. Several waypoints.
    C. Identical to a real world flight plan that the plane and airline you are using regularly flies.

  3. You are next in line for takeoff when another plane cuts in front of you from another taxiway. You…
    A. Drive right through him and take off.
    B. Drive around him and take off.
    C. Wait until he’s done. Safety is better than revenge.

  4. After liftoff, you retract gear when…
    A. Whenever you remember.
    B. Right after liftoff.
    C. When you reach positive rate.

  5. You are cruising when you see another plane coming at you head on. What do you do?
    A. Keep going. Hopefully he’ll do something.
    B. Pull up. Hopefully he won’t do the same thing.
    C. Make a 90 degree turn to the right.

  6. You are ascending in a Boeing 747-800. To what do you set your cruising altitude?
    A. 35,000 feet. Every time.
    B. Somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 feet. Depends on the direction I’m heading.
    C. It depends on the weather, heading, winds, and several other factors.

  7. It’s time to star descending into KLAX. Which frequency do you connect with?
    A. KLAX Tower
    B. SoCal Approach
    C. ATIS

  8. You are on final and ATC instructs you to make a turn that is 90 degrees in the opposite direction of the runway. You…
    A. Reply “I’m sorry…” and continue with your approach.
    B. Reply “Unable” and continue with your approach.
    C. Do what ATC instructs.

  9. You are reaching minimums when you see another plane lining up for takeoff on the runway. What do you do?
    A. Butter right on top of him. He needs to be taught a lesson.
    B. Proceed with your landing, but try to avoid him.
    C. Announce you are going around and do so.

  10. After landing you come to a runway. You…
    A. Just cross it.
    B. Look both ways, then cross.
    C. Wait for ATC permission to cross.

If you scored…

25+ points: You are a skilled Infinite Flight pilot. You value absolute realism whenever possible.
15-24 points: You are a decent pilot, but still have a lot to work on. Keep it up.
Less than 14 points. You have a lot to work on. Try to listen to ATC more, and keep working on your skills. Keep it up!

Post your score in the comments!


First I would Contact ATIS.


This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as less points seem to be better in this case. My score was like 12 or 13 I think. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


I got everything C except the third to last question. I don’t know if that’s good.


It doesn’t seem like buttering on top of someone on the runway would give you more points.


I got 25 exactly.

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I think your scoring guide is backwards because some things shouldn’t be full points


what happened to positive rate lol… We get points for retracting gear when plunging towards the ground! :D


You should do Both, clearance, then look. Also, the scroring system is wrong. If I get 3 points for A, 2 for B, and 1 for C, that means you are more skilled if you grt less points, no 25+

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Oops lol I’ll change it.

Good poin.

Does not make sense as if you’re doing all the right things you only get 10 points which means you’re not a skilled pilot


I messed up on the scoring system. It’s fixed now.
@pawly @Daniel14


You don’t contact ATIS. You eith get/listen-to/check ATIS

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I said B only on 5. All the rest is C (29 points)

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  • 2 is just mean (I never consider the word “realism” to mean replication)
  • 3 B and C are equally valid, unless you are refering to swerving off the taxiway, in that case I would go C
  • 5 is actually B IRL, and most of us have never encountered this ever, not when at the device anyway
  • 7 is incorrect now that D-ATIS is a thing. Also you don’t need to use ATIS if there is approach anyways because approach will give you a runway and that’s the only thing you need from ATIS.
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I got 30;)

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Sweet! Good job!

I’ve got 25. 😆

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30! #RealismPolice 😂

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