What kind of departure I should request?

So apparently I got confused with departures, which departure I should request in this situation, west, north or South?

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I believe West…

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West or north would be appropriate for your flight plan by the time your headed south you should be well above the airspace.


i believe north would be fine either way is fine

West or north are both fine, but tbh, us tower controllers don’t really care as long as there is no traffic conflict. If you are flying out of our airspace you’re no longer our responsibility, so it doesn’t really matter.


That’s a stupid statement Nicholas it does matter for your planning. If your working LAX and have an aircraft departing on 25R departing north do you still allow an aircraft to take off 24L?


So north departure is counted as 270+/-45° and west as 270 within 45°? I had discussion about departure before, so I want to clear out this, it’s not biggie, but I want to fly as realistic as I can😊

Yes of course not, but you are not going to deny their takeoff request based on which direction they want to depart. Maybe luaw and a little delay, but not a denied request. I edited my post a little :)

But if they request wrong then how do you determine that?

You can always check their flight plan, right? To see which way they are departing?

What if they are un filed?

Yes that’s correct.

Then they shouldn’t really be departing, especially if they are commercial. Even if they request wrong, there is nothing you can do unless you send them to departure.

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So a VFR aircraft can’t depart the pattern.

Of course they can. If there is a conflict (which I would argue does not happen often) then you should delay their departure or whatever you have to do. I’m saying generally it is not a big deal.

Difference of opinion then.

Ok. Maybe I’m wrong, but usually I don’t pay much attention to it. Thanks for keeping me sharp!

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Just keeping ya on your toes 😂


That’s what you supervisors are for 👍

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Whatever direction your heading. Frankly once you have taken off however it shouldn’t affect ATC do feel free to just ask for straight out, because this can be followed up by a departure request.