What kind of aircraft do you like to spot?

  • General Aviation
  • Small regional jets
  • Medium jets (like 737)
  • Long haul ( like 777)
  • Ultra long haul jets ( a380)

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A mixture of all of them …


Yeah, I like multiple too, can you make the poll have multiple options?

737-A320 to win lol. Love those girls

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Did you just assume the plane’s gender?


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Lol are you for real? 😂😣

That part was a joke, but in reality, I am really not a fan of giving inanimate objects genders, because why do it?


A ship is always considered a woman

Yeah but that’s sailor talk. I don’t see why we sustain it for everything.

Fine lol can’t be offending anyone because I resort to older generation talk🙄😂

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I usually get to see narrow body aircraft at EDDH. I saw an IcelandAir b757 already though. Now I’m just waiting for the United B767.

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like b777 .

Isn’t the 777 considered ultra long haul not the a380?

Every type really…

Both can fly ULH

I have a pretty large cargo operation local to me, we get to see a lot of DHL 777’s and Polar & Atlas 747’s.

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A mix of all the options for me :)

Can a moderator please add an option for a mix

been a long while since i’ve hit IF Community, love the 737!

I like to spot GA aviation since thats what im most familiar with