What keyboards are compatible with infinite flight?

I just went and got a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech and it doesn’t work. I’ve seen some users say other keyboards partially work and then other users say they have fully functional ones. So I’m curious if anyone here has had any luck?

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How are you trying to use the keyboard to start?

What do you mean? I just connect it via Bluetooth to my phone and then go into infinite flight and then the controls, it doesn’t show my device for the keyboard unfortunately. Looks like I might be going back to a controller

So you’re plan is to use the controls via the keyboard? I don’t think that is possible…

No… you use liveflight connect.


This should help.

To clarify:

Keyboards are not ideal for Infinite Flight, although you can connect a Yoke, Joystick, or Kayboard using a cable to your computer and Bluetooth from your Computer to your Mobile Device.

Use the link that @Tsumia posted.

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So a keyword to my computer then back to my phone all via bluetooth? At that point can’t I just use the keyboard on my laptop? And this all has to be done through live flight?

I tried downloading it but it just keeps taking me to some winzip ad saying my free trial is over but I’ve never had win zip?

This post here kinda makes it seem that I can do it from just Bluetooth? Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

If you go to command in the control settings most keys show up being controlled by a letter already

First, shouldn’t this be in #thirdparty, as it deals with the connection of a third-party device & maybe LFC?

Second, what deceive are you trying to connect to? (iOS or Android)

Third, when you connect it via Bluetooth, when you go to settings -> controls -> show devices, can you see if there is more than one device?

I thought it might be third party but judging from the post I linked it sounds like I should be able to link via Bluetooth and have no problems therefore no third party needed.

I’m using an IPhone XR. K480 logitech keyboard. It pairs with my phone and works great, I go into infinite flight and go to controls then down to “show devices” and it only shows my regular 2 axis and 0 buttons. However If I press the magnifying glass on the keyboard it still brings up a search bar in the game. So it’s working but for whatever reason doesn’t work in the game. I called Logitech and they basically said the keyboard is just meant for typing and wouldn’t come through on the game. I think I need a gamepad

The best way is to buy a joystick if you are looking to save money, maybe try this 33 dollar quality joystick on Amazon, then connect to your computer and phone using the steps on https://connect.liveflightapp.com/.

I kept getting an ad from winziip or something everytime I downloaded it. Saying my freetrial was over?

Downloading IF connect?

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Yes the live flight on windows.

Did you follow the tutorial?

Yes. It downloads. But when I go to open it, it says my free trial has ended. This is for winzip

You don’t need Winzip… just download the application…

That’s what I did. But when I open that application it brings me to winzip

Hmm I don’t know what to say.

Maybe wait for @Cameron to respond and he could help us out, I’m pretty confused.

Do I need any additional usbs or cords to run LiveFlight with a keyboard like that?