What Keyboard should I get?

Hello All!

I want to get a keyboard for my mac (a bluetooth one or even USB), does anyone recommend some that work well with mac and control IF well.

Thanks, Marcus


Well, are you lookingn for one that lights up, mechanical etc.? Also, do you have a price range?

Go to Amazon and look at reviews etc. It really depends on your price range and the exact specifics on what you’re looking for.

Give me your price point and ill pick one for you

Microsoft or Logitech. Both excellent quality and work very well.


(one that lights up would be great)

Was supposed to be a joke but I learned that they actually make keyboard overlays for flight simulation… would be cool to have!



I have k380 but it won’t connect to if

@Cameron u fix, yiss yiss

I don’t know if you have Kogan in your country but I found this one

Similar one from the Microsoft Store (works with Macs - I don’t know if you want it for gaming but anyway)

Or this one from Logitech, specifically for Apple devices


Thanks for your help!

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How does this…have anything…to do with Infinite Flight?


Get the ones that apple sell! They are the best in my opinion.

Logitech do make good and durable products.

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not really… apple keyboards will never come close to corsair and other companies’ mechanical keyboards

I have to agree with you, but the prices on some of Corsair’s keyboards are really high. My K70’s costed a lot of money.

true but you are really paying for a premium product

I have the k380 it sucks

the k380 doesn’t even exist…

Get your facts right image