What joystick do you use?

Hey all.
So after a very disappointing experience where my $250 HOTAS X52 that I just bought did not work with IF, I’m looking for a new one.
So, which do you use for IF? And tell me what you’d recommend.

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The simple Logitech extreme 3D pro. I Don’t use it a lot for IF, more for x-plane but it works pretty good!


I use the same as @anon24319801, it’s good. Just takes some getting used to with IF.

I actually use a Saitek ProFlight Yoke.


Thrustmaster AceCombat7

I’m getting that soon

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Just saying, If you plan on getting a joystick for IF, as good as the Saitek X52’s look, they do not work with IF.

My phone ha ha ha

Ok, grab the 3D pro and return the X52

They’re not allowing me to return it… apparently it’s not allowed because there’s nothing physically wrong with the X52, it just doesn’t work with IF.

Note that I did not buy this directly from Saitek, and I am not saying that it’s a bad product, infact, it’s pretty decent, it works like a bomb on my PC Fsim. I bought it from a physical store.

You already created a topic…

Please continue in the one you’ve already got going.

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