What Joystick could I buy?

Hi guys!
I’m looking to purchase a joystick for my iPad Air that is compatible with my device and works for Infinite Flight I was just asking whether you guys know of a particular type that works with my setup?
Thanks a lot and please leave your answers in the comment section !


I don’t know which one are compatible with iPads ( Wireless ) , but i have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas joystick and it works really well !




I don’t think they are 100% duplicate posts as i believe @Lucasmacines5 is looking for a wireless joystick that can connect with his iPad. Correct me if I’m wrong…


IF won’t run a joystick connected to iPad, you need to use LiveFlight


I don’t get why people are buying joysticks for a mobile sim.

I find it adds a level of realism to the sim…

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My joy stick cost more than my copy of FSX did. I’m just saying you could pick up an actual sim for the price of a joy stick

Yeah , but that was your choice to spend that amount of money on a joystick ;)

Lol it was 20 bucks. Base model joystick

Haha , how did you get a copy of FSX so cheap ?

I’m using the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick on my iPad. Works great and can’t go back to holding the iPad :)

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I got mine for about 5$ on the Christmas sale I think…

I don’t even play it because I don’t want to take so much storage on my computer. I might get a new PC soon, which would be perfecto.

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If you’re like only using it for IF, then I suggest getting a cheap stick… The ones that cost $20 is good

Me too, I got mine on Christmas, it was cheap, but somehow a few months later all my aircraft disappeared =/

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