What I've Done In 2019

I know it’s already well past new years, but looking back at 2019 I absolutely cannot believe what I’ve done in Infinite Flight.

It felt more like flying for 5 years, but no.

It had only been just over a year of live for me.

I was curious in finding out what my passion and dedication (addiction) would earn me. Going though about 15 pages of my logbook and recording all the flights I did in 2019 alone, here’s what I got:

Across all my VAs, VOs and me flying for fun, I flew a grand total of:

778,654 NM

Or if you want to see this visually:


Crazy, right?

I know. And to even blow up your mind, that’s equivalent to about:

  • Circumnavigating the globe roughly 36 times
  • Doing SIN-EWR 94 times
  • 3.75 times the distance between the earth and the moon

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without the support of my colleagues and good friends.

Many thanks to @Singapore_Virtual IPP, @EtihadVAOfficial @DubaiVirtual for…everything I can think of. With them, I pushed myself to explore the vast globe I had little knowledge of. I loved the scenery, the landings, the takeoffs. They had given me a gift of a lifetime. I didn’t care if the approach conditions were tricky; my professionalism grew big thanks to them.

2019 was a crazy year for me…here’s to an even crazier year! 🎉


Looking closely at Europe I see BEG, thanks for flying to my home airport! :D

Anyways, thats an awesome route map, looks like you’ve done a lot of flights in Europe and the middleast!

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That much one year? That’s an unbelievable amount of hours flying. You can really call yourself an Infinite Flight addict. Great topic! 😉

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Holy moly. 94 times??? Thats incredible…

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Well, simple division…😀

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