What it looks like inside a Cessna 172

Hello IFC, Today I went on a short 1 hour flight to practice some approaches since it’s been a while since I last flown. While waiting for my buddy and safety pilot, I took some pictures of the 1979 Cessna 172N I fly so everyone can see what it looks like


That’s a pretty weird sun filter on the window buddy


i think its normal. its what the guy that i rent from uses, so it works.

Nice garmin 430 system. Must have been a recent add-on Also very nice interior for a 1979 C172N, I’m right now in my ppl training, and I got to say the 172 I use (from 1983) doesn’t have a Garmin 430 system. Pretty lucky, if I do say so myself.

The G430 is actually an upgrade and so is the interior. When I first started flying in 2014 it had a different interior and no gps

Oh wow, whelp it’s good to see these planes evolve.

For sure I agree. It’s a nice flying airplane that’s for sure

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One of my favorite planes by far.

Although the Piper Cherokee is a close 2nd. I’ve always had a spot for the PA28, it’s my secondary plane (my flight school is weird, they focus mainly on two planes).

Yah the flights school I use focus on 2 main planes as well.

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Also, maybe next time if you can, try to see if you can get a hold of one with a glass cockpit. That’d be pretty cool.

Those sun filters can really messed with my perspective, thought they were fields and you were upside down

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Not going too happen around here. Everything is steam gauge

Lol nope not upside down. Everything was taken on the ground

I actually like steam gauge better than glass anyways. I just was wondering if the community would like to see/

If I can find one that’s not an arm and a leg. I don’t know of any glass C172s besrcme thst are for rent

Heres a pick of one I went on yesterday!


I got the chance to fly, land and takeoff one of ERAUs C172s. They seemed pretty modern as they had the new Garmin1000s, some aircraft even had actuall ACs and autopilot! The C172 is truly a wonderful plane, not only because it was my first ever plane that I flew but because it’s just so simple and versatile. The plane the flies wonderfully and responds beautifully! Not to mention that it looks incredible from the exterior! I could go on and on about this one but I’ll let other community members do the work ;)

Wow, I haven’t been on one with a full on autopilot system in a while!

Dont knoe much about GA Aircraft. I take it they are rare?

A lot of Cessna 172’s don’t have as much of an advanced system as the one you have. It’s pretty cool.