What is your worst turbulence experience?

I know such a topic has been posted before, but how long ago was that? More than 90 days, wasn’t it?

Anyway, what is your worst turbulence experience? Feel free to share it here.

(This event happened when I called every aircraft a “plane” and when I was clueless about aviation)
I was on a MAS flight (when Malaysia Airlines was known for its trustworthiness, not crashes) from WSSS-WMKK. I remember it was a 737. Before boarding, I could see a thunderstorm brewing nearby.

The flight is one of the busiest in the region. The flight on the 737 then would take 40 minutes. After taking off, within minutes, we were in the storm. There was a small vibration as the aircraft flew into the rain cloud.

Then, it came. The aircraft started experiencing some serious turbulence. You could tell that fear was reigning. Then, the familiar rumble of the engines seemed to disappear as the aircraft seemingly started falling.

Passengers started screaming.

Within seconds, the aircraft recovered. I looked out of the window. It was pitch black, with the occasional flash caused by lightning. Throughout the 20 or so minutes of the turbulence, you could tell everyone was afraid. Those 20 minutes felt endless. You could imagine everyone heaved a sigh of relief when the plane touched down in WMKK. The pilot was slightly traumatised while I was very.

I didn’t look very healthy when boarding my connecting flight, having puked just before that, and the cabin crew surely was concerned!


Not sure where, but I think coming from America to Heathrow, somewhere over the atlantic. Really bad turbulence on a 777, luckily I wasn’t down the back. I dread to think what they experienced.

It bumped a bit on descent into SFO.

It was pitch black on a cross Atlantic flight and the 0lane kept punting downwards due to he tubule nco and because I had no visual references it felt like we were only a couple of metres above the sea

I experienced the heaviest turbulence on Thai airways 777-200 on the flight to bankok. It’s just 2 minutes. On the second worst turbelent flight was on united airlines was on another 777-200 which lasted about 15 minutes China to Washington Dulles.

When I was 12, I visited Canada as a school trip so was without my family. At this point I knew nothing about aviation.
On the return (YUL-LHR), I admit, I didn’t have my seatbelt on during takeoff as I didn’t think it was necessary 😖😭
Anyway, after flying for a while, it was dark and the 787 was shaking a lot! I was so scared. The seatbelt sign came on and ironically, I couldn’t find my belt! When I found it I strapped in tight.
After a while the seatbelt light switched off and quickly came back on again a couple of minutes later!! That scared me even more. I didn’t take the belt off again until we got off in London!

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I had some really bad turbulence while climbing out of KMSP.

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You haven’t experienced turbulence unless your in a little Cessna. Nothing like the wings all of the sudden throwing you into a 45 deg bank. Sorry @Capt.teddy didn’t mean to tag you


I’ve actually flew a Cessna 172 shortly after turning 14, a nice flight

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I know what you mean it’s like at any moment a wing will snap off

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On a Turkish flight from IST to JFK. I was 6. The plane bounced around a lot in the air. I thought it was an emergency even!

Over the Netherlands EGCC-LOWS. Got very bumpy, just when we had ordered drinks :(

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I know that feeling ;)

This is in #real-world-aviation… ;)

Yeah flying a 172 on a hot summer day in the suburbs is a puke fest. You fly over a shopping center, ZOOM up you go, once your past it, feels like your falling straight down.

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My second worst was in April, on Turkish 1, from JFK-IST. On final, there were fairly strong crosswinds into IST. We were being blown about.

However, my worst was when I was on a US Airways A321. We were flying from Charlotte to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The winds were terrible, blowing us in all directions but forward and backwards.

On a flight with Garuda, school trip, some students said they thought they were gonna die and I was casually sitting on my seat doing nothing

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Well I guess nobody or very few people have flown into EGJB with a crosswind in a trislander and yes it was joey. It was a absolutely horrible experience. And yes Aurigny made the cruise altitude around 3000ft so if it was bad it was bad the whole journey

Here’s it taking off in a crosswind being thrown all over the place. Video not mine however it was filmed at Guernsey airport.

I have never had a bad experience with turbulence.

The only time for me was it was that bad it made me laugh

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