What is your worst flight ever?

Southwest has young pilots and are not the best at landing but because this was your first time it could have been a shocking
Experience on landing. This is actually how most people feel on landings. Especially on a 737.

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it sucks when a flight is canceled but especially when it’s delayed a couple hours then canceled. Had that on a Southwest flight and we ended up driving to our destination. It’s also way worse for a flight to be canceled as an aviation enthusiast. We could not rebook as the next flight we had to wait 6 hours and it was a 5 hour drive from San Antonio to dallas

I was also going to fly on New Mexico one.

I was flying from Oklahoma City to Houston on a United Express Embraer 145. About 20 minutes into the flight, I heard a couple small bangs in the aircraft, followed by smoke in the cabin. We had to divert to Dallas and I missed my connecting flight in Houston to Toronto, I got a free flight on an American Airlines MD-83 (one of the smoothest flights ever). I’m guessing it was a hydraulic issue, but is by far the only scary experience I’ve witnessed on a flight.

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My worst flight ever was aboard a United Boeing 777-233ER from New Delhi to Newark. I was 8-9 years old, and was traveling with my mom. The plane boarded at night, which I already hated, as I couldn’t see the plane close-up, and I didn’t get a window seat, which already got me salty. And to make things worse, the in-flight entertainment system was down, the whole flight. We had severe turbulence, though-out the 14 hour flight. That sums up the worst plane ride I have ever had in my life.


So I guess United is bad at keeping their TV’s in good condition XD

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Flight from DFW to XNA last year, boarding the plane the pilot let us know it could be a little bumpy on the flight and that the flight attendants would have to stay seated.

I don’t mind turbulence.

30 minutes or so into the 45 min flight (probably right before descent) the plane hit an air pocket and just dropped. It felt like forever but was probably just a second or so. My phone was loosely in my hand and nearly hit the ceiling.

One of the coaches for the team i worked for was asleep and jokingly said “we just run over a dog?”. Was hilarious and briefly took the fear out of the players, some crying.

While that was literally the only bad part of the flight, wasn’t turbulent… it’s still affected me to today. No longer enjoy flying


In July of 2016 I was flying a Delta 767 from ATL to LAX and the pilot told us that we needed to get out before a thunderstorm came through and to hurry up. Hurry up?! So when we were taxiing he told us that it would be bumpy departing out of Atlanta. We took off, flew through some clouds and then hit the thunderstorm. We flew through some updrafts and downdrafts and some people not wearing seatbelts almost hit the ceiling. People were screaming and crying. Overhead bins were coming open and suitcases fell out. That flight should have definitely been delayed!

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My spirit airlines flight from KATL to KOAK when the staff lost my luggage

Flying in a CRJ (don’t remember which one) with my mom in a hailstorm/thunderstorm. I usually like turbulence, but that was too much for both of us.

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Ryanair 737-800NG from LIEE to LIME. That was really awful: it was in the middle of the night, on a 737, with hateful cabin crew.
I also had a terrible experience on EasyJet’s A319, flying from LKPR to LIPZ. There was an extremely arrogant hostess who thought to be on an A320 even though the plane clearly was an A319, because it only had one exit in the middle.
The best flight of my life, instead, was Oman Air’s A330 from LIMC to OOMS. Oman Air’s business class is probably my favorite one, the service was good and the flight departed in the evening, landed in the morning and was quick.

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There are still A320’s with only one overwing exit.

My worst flight was on a United 737-800 from KORD to KSAN. Flight attendants were very slow with providing service, and when they finally got to my row, the lady in the window seat on the other side of the row (I was seated in 23A) asked for a coke, but they ran out. Me not hearing it, when she asked me what I want, and I said a coke, she just responded with “do you really not know how to listen. The lady over there wanted a coke, but I told her we’re out. Can you learn to listen next time”

Oh. Really? That is my only way to recognize the A320 from the A319 lol.

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My mom just had her flight delayed 2 hours. Traveling with my family is a curse.

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Oh God. I’m sorry for her. My dad’s plane once caught fire before takeoff, he was on a BA 747 from LHR to BKK.

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Anyway it was too short to be an A320

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Here’s my personal experience. A regular fligjt actually that everybody but me enjoyed.

It was January 1st, 2018. I spent New Years Eve with some family friends who live in Los Angeles and I was flying back to Zurich now on a SWISS 777.

I have to start the story a bit earlier though because I wasn’t feeling well for two days. I felt dizzy and nauseous, and I had a cold. That was the condition I was in to take the 11h flight back to Zurich in the dry air airplane cabin 34‘000ft above the ground.

Luckily, I was flying Business Class that day. That helped a lot. But still, it was terrible. I didn’t eat anything through the flight. I ordered something but I wasn’t able to eat it. I drank approximately 10 cups of tea during the flight and I didn’t sleep. At least I didn’t throw up, so that’s something 😂

But I was so happy when I finally deboarded the plane in Zurich (the first time I was happy to leave a plane). Spent three more days sick at home.

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