What is your worst flight ever?

What is worst flight ever?

I did not really have one, I have videos of them, what does it feel like?

I heard a lot about American Airlines.

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Not flown enough to really have a super bad experience but a Veuling flight from Brussels to Calpé we took had a 6 hour delay, my parents now will not take Veuling anymore because “It was Veulings fault.” even tho I kinda know it wasn’t.

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Had a flight from Greensboro to Miami on an American ERJ-145 a couple year ago. The crew and plane itself were really nice, but it was constant turbulence for the 2 hour flight. Cabin service had to be paused several times and my drink even spilled on me during turbulence. I don’t fault the airline in anyway, but it’s probably my worst experience on a plane.

The time I decided to drive 12 hours instead of taking a 2 hour flight


Air Europa A320 Paris CDG-Malaga. Rude staff, hard landing, lost our baggage, cramped seats…

not counting my school flights, the commercial flights that I have done I have never had a bad experience so far.

Southwest 737-700 canceled after a delay of 3 hours in route to love field from San Antonio

Also American Airlines Crj-900 Charlotte to Jacksonville canceled and we almost missed a bowl game for my favorite collage football team. Also when we rebooked we lost first class and we had to stop at miami

I have not been on a trip without a flight canceled in 2 years

Oof who was playing

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A&M vs North Carolina State. We still destroyed them lol I was going for A&M


I was on board the aircraft and pushed back when it was canceled to.

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That’s sucks at least they won

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Yeah. And I’m glad we barley made it to the game. But it wasn’t fun flying into Miami as we flew over trumps mansion on approach lmao


My worst flight was probably just yesterday (June 6) on Alaska Airlines.

We were supposed to fly from San Jose to Seattle at 10:25 a.m. on one of their A320-214s. At around 10:00 a.m., no one had boarded the plane yet nor had their been any announcement, so everyone pretty much realized the flight would be delayed. After a few minutes, there was an announcement saying the cockpit door would not close or lock properly and they needed to fix that before we could board or depart, so we’d be taking a 35-minute delay. Then, they made another announcement at 11:00 a.m., the time we were supposed to depart, saying the departure had been moved to 1:00 p.m. as they needed to drive the part in from San Francisco. No further announcements were made until 12:00 p.m., when they pushed the departure back to 3:30 p.m. saying the part had not even left where they needed to get it from. We attempted to look for alternate flights as this was a business trip for my dad and he had a very important meeting that day, to find out that all flights to Seattle on Alaska that arrived before the time of the meeting were fully booked (and they wouldn’t rebook us on another airline). At around 1:15 p.m., they finally announced that our flight was cancelled, although they told us the part had arrived from San Francisco 40 minutes ago, but had no mechanics to install it or replace the old one.

In the end, we were rebooked through San Francisco but had to rush to get there since we only had 2 hours, and made it around 5 minutes before we were supposed to board.

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LHR to ATL. IFE’s went out multiple times, somebody apparently had a heart attack, and Atlanta ground crew proceeds to send my family’s bag to Terminal F. We arrived in Terminal T. (For those not familiar with ATL, those terminals are on the opposite sides of the airport of each other).

I only ever flew once and it wasn’t bad (It was on Southwest). But, the landing hurt bad. The shock went though the seat and was loud. After learning more about aviation I now know most landings are softer than mine was.


Where do I begin? Okay, here we go.

Delta Econ, back of the plane and in the middle seat. Yeah, the middle seat. (The people sitting next to me were really awesome and super friendly. We talked the entire way there.) The flight was on a 737-900 from KSEA-KJFK. Halfway through the flight there was this guy. One of those guys. He threw a big fit over his bag getting moved and assaulted the flight attendant. He was restrained in the seat and we made it to JFK. We then had to wait an extra hour while police were called. They came on the plane and led the guy out in cuffs. We missed our charter bus to D.C. We then had to wait another hour, this is a class trip with like 40 people. The bus came back when we called the guy. We arrived in D.C., 4 hours late. Yup. Funnest trip of my life.

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Landing in Orlando in a tropical storm was interesting… especially the crosswind leg

The only reason we actually landed there was because the wind was directly out of the North so runways 36R and 35L were being used.

A 13 hour flight on a new United 787-8 when all the TVs were broken the whole flight.

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When I was little we were circling over YMML and my ears were so sore I screamed until I fell asleep.