What is your View?

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this or not, but what is your opinion about the following:

Boeing Dreamlifter,

Airbus Beluga 1/2 and Airbus Beluga XL,

or the Antonov 225?

Would be nice if they could be added to the fleet, but In my view the 225 takes the win for cargo and design. However I would pick the 225 over the Beluga XL and Beluga over the Dreamlifter.

Dreamlifter just looks like it has a swollen fuselage and not a very sleek design, Thoughts?

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Sounds like a feature request here actually. You can vote for Beluga XL down here

The Dreamlifter down here

And the 225 here

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This kind of topics belongs to the #real-world-aviation category, which you have to be TL2 to be able to post.

In addition, this topics are no longer allowed into this category

I love the AN-225 though

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