What is your “Uh oh” moment?

Cough Cough me lol

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Disregard flight plan, follow ATC instructions


So true😂 happens everytime

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Let’s analyze that a bit
A 737 is a narrowbody so it won’t be XWB
XWB is only used for Airbus
737 is definitely not an Airbus aircraft
The whole 737MAX family was grounded, not only the 8
So it 1000% does not make sense

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I think it was lol

My oh no moment is when I forget to retract my flaps ☠️ Or when I accidentally open up two towers on ES thinking that one was ground 🤦🏻‍♂️


Your attitude for a post on a community doesn’t make any sense.

Not to mention your ability to tolerate a joke.

  1. Forgetting to flare🤭

  2. Smooth landing with ryanair


This one hits right at home for me! Since the 757 is so high off the ground, I always flare too late and go smacc


thats illegal


When you have no violations and you receive a message ‘Please follow instructions’, or even worse, ‘Please follow instructions or you will get reported.’


that happened to me, but… the landing gear never got put down… oops

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Taxiing, and then seeing the time and I have class in about 2 minutes

I was watching a movie while i was descending on the expert server…I got a violation

I have a couple.
This happened twice. I was taking off from somewhere on the expert server and I let my speed go down too much. I stalled, but recovered and continued the flight on both occasions.
Another one was when I was taxiing into the gate at I think Mumbai, also on Expert server. I started turning into one of the gates, and some DUDE who was taxiing really close behind me pulled into the same gate. I just turned right and went to the next one over. I didn’t get reported, but I don’t know if the other guy did.

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#1.) My first “uh-oh” moment was right after getting access to the Expert sever—I was doing traffic patterns somewhere in the Caribbean; I got takeoff clearance followed with “make right traffic”. Turns out, the whole time I was making left turns but wasn’t initially aware of it. Needless to say I got the dreaded “Please check the home guide for help uses ATC Instructions” that no pilot ever wants to hear; and the ATC Controller himself messaged me on this forum to correct me. Pretty nice guy actually.

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What do you mean?

I forgot the second one:

#2.) The time I got a Level 2 Violation—It was the same day as the first story, and I was ironically enough doing traffic patterns on expert server as well, but at Dallas Fort Worth; The airport is extremely confusing. I took off from a runway that used only for departures, not arrivals, so I was told to enter downwind for some other runway perpendicular to me. Here’s the Uh-oh moment: I made a full traffic pattern for the wrong runway (the one I initially departed from) and while on Base I got the “Please check the home guide for help using ATC instructions” and feeling embarrassed already, I ended up continuing what I was doing and landed on the wrong runway. As soon as I started the takeoff roll again, I realized my mistake and right afterward was given the Level 2 violation and kicked off the game. Really embarrassing.

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When the turbulence really rocks but our plane, to the point your plane started losing speed,

I think at that point to where it gets severe like that you should divert to the nearest airport

500ft and no landing gear down 😫😫😫

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